Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alex's 56th email from Chile 9/13/11

I have a surprise at the end of the blog :)

Alex & his dog Shadow. He's going to really miss her when he gets transferred. I'm pretty sure he's not supposed to have a dog in his room.....oh well

Hola Familia!!

So this week was a good week, first off Mom thanks for all of your post cards haha, and I have yet to get your package but we will see if it comes tomorrow. It has actually been pretty hot lately. It is crazy to me just how quickly the climate changes here. This week we did a good amount of contacting because we have been lacking in people to teach. It went pretty well and we had 5 news this week. The biggest problem is the 18th of September. It was like this last year and it really looks like it is going to happen again. For the last half of September the missionary work dies. Basically half of our contacts answers are like this, “ I would love to listen to you guys but wait until after the 18th to come by to our house: or something close to it. We get so many 18th excuses it is ridiculous. (This is Chile’s Independence Day)

The most frustrating thing about this week was that Jose couldn’t meet with us once this week. So we postponed his baptismal date because we couldn’t teach him the last few lessons he needed. But to make things better we met with Rafael taught him the first lesson and it was awesome. He accepted everything understood everything and seem pretty genuine the whole time. I am really excited about it. 

Alex climbing on Pday (preparation day)

Working with Elder Garcia is always funny and interesting. He just says some of the most ridiculous stuff sometimes during contacts lessons ect. We just have a good time together. I have looked back on companionship history and I have in the long run been very lucky. 

So basically I decided I am the worst emailer in the world. I forget so much stuff and I feel my emails suck haha but yes there is a huge 50th anniversary party here in Chile coming up soon. Apparently general authorities and everyone is coming. We don’t know yet if us missionaries are actually gonna be able to go or not. I sure as heck hope so. Jose is excellent.  The Dad just needs to get his work schedule worked out so he doesn’t work on Sundays. 

Elders sitting on a cannon on Pday

Well guys I Love you all so much.  It’s great to hear how everyone is doing and that all is good. Till next week

Con Amor,
                Elder Leavitt

P.S. Hey mom I am getting to the point where I need to start keeping an eye out for gifts. I have basically an idea what I want for all the guys and you. But I have no idea what to get the girls. Can you ask all the girls if they want Clothes, Jewelry, or Bags and other stuff. Elder Garcia is excellent I love the guy. Slowly but surely he is starting to remember stuff and can say more and more in contacts and lessons. So this Sunday is the 18th and it is crazy to think it was a year ago I was at this date with Elder You. The time has flown by. In the Bible I am in Joel chapter 1! I am pretty excited for to finish the old testament here in a little. It is amazing how much I have learned and how many cool scriptures I know now.

It is so fun to not only see Alex but to hear him :)  Even though he may have an accent there are some things that will never change.  This is their Pday at Santa Lucia. 

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  1. It creeps me out how much him and ben sound alike haha :) Man I MISS HiM!