Monday, May 30, 2011

Alex's 41st email 5/30/11

 I am bias but I think he's a pretty good looking missionary :)

Hola Family!!

So craziness has struck again. I truly believe Satan is trying his hardest to stop the progress here in La Islita. On Friday night I received word the my big toe is broken. Yes I have broken my frickin toe and I am extremely upset about it.  On Thursday around like 7ish we were stopping and while the bike was still moving I started getting off my bike and fricking kicked a rock perfectly and now have a fracture in my right toe. So ya Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I haven't been able to do anything. Luckily I am in a bike sector so it puts like zero stress on my toe what a blessing right? Starting today I am going back to work full time.  I took the weekend to let my foot rest and maybe it could build up the strength it needs. It's just crazy bad luck on my part eh?

 Here is Alex's unbroken toe. 
He took a picture of each toe to show us the difference.

Alex's broken toe.  Wow! What a difference.

But despite all the craziness we have some awesome news! Camillo now has a baptismal date! This kid is amazing and has been progressing like crazy and has the desire for this gospel.  So ya he has a baptismal date and really wants to be baptized before he has to report back to service he is in the military and has been on leave. We are going to try and stop by his place tonight unfortunately my whole toe situation has been the work on hold for a couple days ugh!

I have come to realize that my district leader Elder Pari really likes me. It was kinda embarrassing but in our district meeting he was talking about us handling rejection and what not and then he said to finish if we all had the attitude and enthusiasm as Elder Leavitt we would all improve our sectors.  I was like cool but I wish he didn't say that to everybody.  Speaking of which I have to give the class tomorrow in our district meeting on the same topic that dad gave his talk revelation through prayer haha. On Friday we had the sickest capacitacion with President King. All about making sure we are converted to the Lord and the gospel before we convert others and we watched the latest MTC talk Elder Holland gave and it was soo legit I can't even describe it. I wish you guys could watch it somehow but I know they don't release those talks.  It was fantastic.

I and I am sure all the other Elders are holding up fine.  It was a tough blow to all of us to lose our brother but if we really let it effect us too hard it's like what are we here for? To testify to these people that we know exactly where he is and what he is doing this instant. He is doing the exact same thing now that he was the day he died; preaching the Plan of Salvation to the children of God.  What an amazing knowledge we have as members of the gospel.  To answer your second question we haven't even really had the opportunity to dive into the depth of our sector yet with this whole toe thing - how annoying. Elder Florez is a champ handling this whole week the way he has. He has a lot of energy as a greenie should have and just wants to help people.  He now has about 3 months in the mission and yes this is his first sector. Training him hasn't been too hard he already knows a lot of the mission and how things work and what not.

 Elder Florez & Elder Leavitt obviously not out in the pueblos.

I have finished the Book of Mormon again in Spanish this past week that is cool for me. I had a dream the other day that I committed a guy to read the Book of Mormon on the terms that I read the bible.  I woke up and had the strangest feeling that I should read the bible from front to cover to tell all those Evangelicos and Testigos de Jehova that yes indeed I have read the bible all the way through we get asked that a lot.  Well I have finished Genesis and am about 25 chapters deep into Exodus.  I am pretty excited about it for some reason.  It's been fun. Also mom I am going to need another journal sent to me here soon.  Thought I would give you a heads up and also I lost my gloves.  I am really upset about those they were fantastic!

 Elder Leavitt & Elder Florez. 
I wish Alex would tell us where these places are. 

Well family I feel like I haven't written a lot.  Please forgive me.  I have just been traveling a lot and chilling in our pension not doing much because of my toe.  This next week there will be no more worries :) I love you all and will talk to you next week!


Elder Alexander Thomas Leavitt

Sis. King sent me an email about Alex and his toe.  I wanted to share it:

I was with Elder Leavitt this past week on his way to have his broken toe looked at. He is a good sport and won't let it stop him from working. We love Elder broken toe we had a good laugh he will be OK just a little sore but always a big smile. Thank you for a wonderful son who loves being a missionary. 

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