Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alex's 42nd email from Chile 6/6/11

Hola Familia!!!

So this week was a good one. First off it is definitely winter now. it has been soo flippen cold! And yesterday it rained like crazy!  Yesterday we were riding our bikes in just pouring rain it was so legit.  The streets were rivers and at times even when we were on bikes the water was up to our feet.  It was insane.  I got soaked but loved it haha. I have always loved the rain for some reason. Elder Florez and I have been working like crazy this past week working both sectors.  But our biggest and happiest news is that now both Camilo and Hugo have baptismal dates!!

It was awesome when Camilo received his.  Hugo was not their and so the very next appointment we had we were talking with  Camilo about his baptismal date and then Hugo interrupts and was like "hey! what about me? I want to be baptized too."  It was awesome!  So now Hugo and Camilo have baptismal dates for the 25th of June.  Camilo and Hugo are amazing. Camilo has such a desire to get baptized and is always super excited and animated during our lessons. Hugo is opposite, he is super timid and does not have so much self confidence like Camilo but he gets it.  He understands everything.  We ask him questions and he gives us the perfect answer.  Both of them came to church this last and the members were so surprised to see investigators in the chapel.  Iit was kinda funny to see their faces.  The first thing the branch president did was he stood up and over the pulpit welcomed them haha.  First time I had ever seen that during a sacrament meeting.  But they are so legit and accecepting every commitment we give them.  We have an appointment with them tonight. Funny little side story, Camilo and Hugo are super flaite (gangster) and I am learning how to speak flaite like crazy.  It's awesome haha.  It's like seriously another language.  If I didn't have them teaching me I would never have known what they were trying to say.  It's pretty awesome.  It's like "hey if I am the king of the flaites I have to know how to talk like them right?"

My toe is still crazy swollen but getting better.  I whacked it super hard yesterday on accident so today it is killing me but it is getting better.  I am totally fine with working because I have my bike and there is zero pressure put on my toe when I am biking.  Such a blessing.

So crazy news,  President King sent me an email saying that Elder florez & I are going to be together this next change and there is going to be a white wash in one of the La Islita sectors with two new missionaries. I am praying we don't lose  Camilo and Hugo.  I would be soo sad. Ugh! but we will see what happens.   God knows right.

The Bible reading is coming along great.  There are so many crazy stories I had never even heard of in there. I am in Numbers 26 as of right now. Over 200 pages or so.  If you ever need to have an animal sacrifice done I am your man.  I am now a master hahaha.

The sunset pictures were taken from a hill in my original sector.  It's super far and we biked all the way out there.  It was beautiful and no it was not in the same part as the daylight ones.  My sector is huge!  With Elder florez those tree pictures and others were taken at Santa Lucia again.  We went as a zone. 

Mom I also  bought you a sweet nativity I found I just hope I can keep it safe for this next year.  But I saw it and I had not seen too many nativities so I bought it cause it was awesome.

I got Kira's package last week and I sent her a letter today :) but say thanks for to her for me. 

But ya that has been my week it has been crazy. I love you all and I will talk to you next week. :)

Con Mucho Amor,
                           Elder Alex Leavitt

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