Monday, May 23, 2011

Alex's 40th email 5/23/11

 This email has some shocking news in it.  Elder Madsen was emergency transferred to fill a spot in another area.  You can read why below.  Alex is sad that they haven't had more time together.  They got along so well and were working together so well.  As you know, Alex referred to him as a 'work horse' last week.  Maybe at some point they can become companions again and finish what they had just started.  Alex is extremely sad about the reason Elder Madsen was needed elsewhere.  He neglected to tell us the name of the of missionary and his family but we will pray for their family nonetheless and Heavenly Father will know who they are.  We will also pray for that young man's companion and all the other missionaries that knew him and may be affected by his passing. 

This is a picture of Alex & Elder Madsen.  I can tell Elder Madsen has a great sense of humor :)

Hola Familia!!
So I cannot even wait to tell you what has happened.  So like 2 days ago on Saturday a missionary while running in the morning had trouble breathing, collapsed and died! Elder Madsen has been emergency transferred out of La Islita to fill his spot. They also emergency transferred another Elder From our apartment combining the two La Islita sectors into one huge Sector!  I will be here with Elder Florez a greenie from Columbia to work the new La Islita sector.  We only found out last night too.  It has been crazy getting everything figured out.  Technically I am a step dad now in the mission too haha.  It's just sad and crazy to think about cause I knew the Elder that died too.  I was in Malloco when he was a greenie in another part of Peñaflor.  My prayers go out to his family it's just insane to think about.
But it's sad cause Elder Madsen and I have been making so much progress here in La Islita. Camillo is progressing like crazy.  He has kept with every commitment we have given him.  He is reading and understanding everything and has so much excitement and enthusiasm to learn it is just refreshing.  Laura is praying about a baptismal date.  Hopefully she will receive an answer but it is just going to be so much harder now cause we are basically 2 missionaries working and covering two big sectors.  I am going to be soo tired!  But Elder Florez is legit and we will do work!
Camillo and Laura are doing awesome.  We have not been able to meet with Raul and Vivianna lately.  That makes me sad.  The new bike is not new.  It's some other used one.  I would say it is about the same quality lame.  Some other cool stuff that have happened,  I finished the Book of Mormon again this past week in Spanish.  That made me happy.  I gave a talk in church on tithing,  a flippin dog ate my helmet so I need to get a new one.  We gave a ton of blessings this past week to people.  It was way neat.  I had the worst migraine yesterday and it is still killing me today ugh!  I am learning flaite from Camillo and them haha and I am teaching them English.  They are so legit.
Sorry my letter is so short.  It has been hectic dealing with everything that's been happening and I don't have much internet time today.  I love you all and I am praying for you.  Congrats on all the graduations!!
Con mucho Amor,
Elder Alex Leavitt

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  1. So sad for the missionaries family and all the other elders in the mission. I am sure there will be a lot of prayers for his family.