Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alex's 38th email from Chile 5/9/11

 This picture of Alex was taken during our skype conversation. I don't know why it's not as clear as the ones we took during our Christmas talk with him.

Hola familia!!!

Hmmm, I will be honest I feel like I told you guys everything yesterday hopefully you won't be disappointed with this email. First off it was amazing to talk to you all yesterday. But basically we have just been working hard here in La Islita. We just keep doing contacts and trying to build that teaching pool.  The mission did some statistical thing awhile back and showed that in our mission you need to find 30 new investigators to have one baptism.  As of right now our teaching pool is small but we have found a good number of contacts here in La Islita. Cool story,  actually after we hung up last night we went right to work.  We taught some recent converts and then went to an appointment with some investigators we have but it fell through.  They told us we they were busy so we went to go to someone elses house. When Elder Madsen and I felt like we should go knock on a house we contacted a while back that was pretty receptive and said we could come by in another moment.  So we knocked it out.  They come, there was a man there, and we went in. It is a Mom Vivianna and here daughter Marian.  They are awesome. I asked them straight up why they let us in their house and what do they want from us and why were we there. Vivianna told us that she was just tired with some stuff in her life and wants to put herself and have a better relationship with Jesus Christ.  We had an amazing appointment with her and we feel like they will have baptismal dates here in a little bit so we found 2 new solid new investigators after I called home.

 Elder Leavitt & Elder Madsen

Something I have started doing at nights is since I am out in the campo you can see the stars like crazy.  I have gotten a map of some common constellations in the southern hemisphere cause we know they are all different, but now I can find the southern cross easily and am trying to figure out some other ones.  I thought dad would think that is cool.

To answer your questions: Two of the guys were brothers; Fabion and Alexis and their cousin German. The district leaders live a 30 min bus ride from us in Talagante and I actually have divisions with them tomorrow. But ya I feel like I don't have much to tell you guys because of the Skype call but I love you and I am still just super excited to be here in Chile right now. I know I have not had crazy statistical success as a missionary but I am happy and proud of what I have done thus far. I have no regrets in regards of what I could have done. I feel like I have been guided to those families and people I have met throughout my time here in Chile up to now and have been able to watch and witness some amazing miracles. It is still crazy to just look at how much I actually have done and how much I have progressed in the amount of time I have. When we have what is most important always in our minds and hearts we will never deviate from the path the Lord has set for us. We will never fall into stupid temptation and we will become and do what God expects from us. I try sharing that principal with all the members in my ward and branches. I ask them what is the one thing you want most for yourself.  The majority of the answers has to do with Eternal life and living with our families forever. That is exactly it and if we can remember that what we do in this life will have an effect on that opportunity to live with our families forever we will never mess up. And that is why I am here. I am here so people can remember what is most important because truthfully that is what is most important for me. I want to live with you guys forever, to be able to help others have what I have to have this same joy and happiness within the Gospel of Christ.  It was cool, we were teaching this to a family in our branch and just before I had shown them the pictures of my family I have and he stopped me and said "from what you just said and from the pictures you have I can tell just how much this means to you and I want that same thing for me and my family." It was cool to watch it click in his head.

Well guys I love you a ton it really was great to talk to you. Mom I hope you enjoyed your mothers day. Hopefully you guys don't think I am getting to skinny haha. OK till next week!

Con Mucho Amor,
                           Elder Alexander Thomas Leavitt

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