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Alex's 28th email from Chile 2/28/11

 Alan & Alex February 27, 2011

Hola Familia!

Psh I get on and have a couple messages from mom saying I hope we get a better response than that. I was like "what?"  I thought I sent a pretty good letter haha.  Then mom apologizes later haha (This is in reference to last week because we got his longer email two hours after the short one where he said he didn't have time to answer our questions)

But this week was flippin spectacular!  I don't know how the weeks can keep getting better.  Especially better than this past one.  So we had a pretty legit multi zone conference and it was awesome.  I really enjoyed the lessons President King taught us about being better teachers and how we need to ask heaven inspired questions to open up the investigator and to really listen to the response.  Also that same day we heard that Elder Champion (my buddy) was going to the temple with their investigator and we were like "what! we want to go with Alan" so we asked and got special permission from President because of how awesome Alan is. So we went to the temple and Alan loved it and is soo excited.  He was like "when is the quickest I can go to the temple?" and we told him and he is like "I want to go that day and do baptisms."  I cannot even explain to you how special Alan is.  

Elder Diaz, Alan & Alex at the Chile Santiago Temple & MTC
(MTC = Missionary Training Center)

If you didn't know the Chile MTC is on the temple grounds or like connected to it. Elder Diaz made good friends with the teachers there and we got special permission to bring Alan and Elder Champion's investigator in to get a tour and meet all the missionaries.  We walk in and Alan leans over to me and Diaz and says "there is something special about this place I can feel it."  The teacher asked Alan to share the reason why he was getting baptized. Alan shares this awesome testimony and had all of the hermanas crying.  This kid is awesome. So that was awesome.

Elder Diaz, Alan, Alex, ?, ?, Elder Champion

Then friday we helped this family move into our ward and we were moving this huge entertainment center and the two other guys dropped it on me!!  I bruised up my arm so bad but no worries now it was fine but i was like "psh you are not even gonna warn me!"

But I know you are all waiting to hear about sunday.  I couldnt even wait for Sunday to come.  I felt like some little kid on Christmas eve.  The night before I had everything ready, my white pants, my long white sleeve shirt ironed and ready, white tie rolled up, Alans clothes all folded and in plastic bags.  I was ready to go. Alarm goes off, I shoot out of bed, pray, shower, totally just ready like an 2 hours before church starts.  We go to church. Everyone is offically back from break school starts this week. Alan shows up with his great grandmother I learned.  She is awesome she said during a class that she is the happiest grandmother on earth being able to watch her great grandson get baptized.  Oh! during the sacrament meeting Juan was confirmed and I got to stand in the circle.  That is always the coolest feeling to do that.  After the classes ended Alan's dad showed up.  He drove 3 hours to come to his baptism and he cried through the whole thing. It was pretty neat to watch.  Me and Alan changed, took pictures, Diaz gave a short talk and then I baptized Alan Gino Canales Guzman. It was sooooo cool.  That is something I will never forget and I am soo happy that Alan was my first one I did cause he is just so special.  He truly was one of the Elect of God waiting for the gospel to find him.  Then we changed and ended the meeting.  It was super cool.  All the youth stayed to watch and greet him after.  Some people asked me if I was worried about him when me and Diaz leave.  I said "no", he truly is special and will be a huge blessing to the church one day I can feel it.  He just has this spirit about him that I can't explain. 

Elder Diaz, Alan & Alex February 27, 2011

Haha funny story,  there is this inactive kid in our ward.  He told us he was baptized because the he was told to by the missionaries.  Some people are dumb, but ya we have gotten him to come to church the last two weeks but the kid has an earring and me and Diaz took it form him and now I've got it one my desk.  I am keeping a collection of the first of something I took from people.  Like I got the first box of cigarretes and coffee and now earing haha.  

Today for pday we did something special.  We went to the Santa Lusia.  It is like this mountain palace slash castle thing.  It was pretty cool and took some legit pictures.  I got a ton of pictures this week.  Also I bought myself the most awesome jacket.  I will take a picture and show you next week but I am super excited about it haha.

Questions, I think the average is about 2-3 changes (I asked Alex what the average length is for missionaries to stay in specific areas).  This is elder Diaz 3rd change here.  It's like 3 changes in an area and 2 with the same comp.

I think with Alan and everything here his brother Billy will get reactivated or at least I pray so cause he is soo legit.  All he told me was that all he wants was to go to the temple with his mom and brother.  Gabriella is good just hard to get in contact with she is never home.  The other lady is good.  We have had one lesson with her.  Her husband is going to be a problem though which is a bummer.  My eye is fine totally healed :)  Tell dad to look up La Cisterna Gran Avenida with Santa Clara and right there where they both meet is the pizza hut  I will try to get the excact adress for him.

Well I love you all enjoy the pictures love you!!

Elder Alex Leavitt

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