Monday, February 7, 2011

Alex's 25th email 2/7/11

Alex & Elder Worthen sad that they are leaving each other.

Hola Familia!

So basically this week was awesome! First I guess I will tell you the super big news that Juan was baptized this last Sunday! It was awesome. We made sure to get the whole ward participating, (well that part of the ward that was still here there were 24 people at church this Sunday). But it was awesome we had musical numbers and people brought food for afterward it was awesome! I had never seen Juan smile so much he was soo happy, he has totally changed his life and has been wanting this for awhile now. 

Look at Juan's smile that Alex commented on!

Oh also, I was writing in my journal this last week and saw it was Alycia's Birthday "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHISHA!!" But besides the baptism this week was still awesome. Alan just makes me so happy to be a missionary. We had two citas with him this past week. We taught him the plan of salvation and was so stoked he just gets it. Also the crazy kid, so his niece took out his bookmark of the reading we left him soo what does he do? Since he didn't remember what his assigned reading was the kid just started at the beginning and has basically finished first Nephi and was able to tell us everything that has happened like perfectly! Also his niece is 8 years old and she is seriously the cutest little girl I have ever seen in my life. Like I would pay money if I could have kids as cute as she is! Like I will have to somehow take a picture cause I doubt you guys believe me. I am dead serious. But to add to her cuteness she sits in on all the lessons with Alan and after the lesson when we were all talking I lean over to her and joking I asked her if she is going to get baptized with her uncle. She then responds and says "I talked with my mom and I want to be baptized, and my mom said I can!" She is legit! So then we have a our second lesson with Alan and we are teaching the third lesson. We get talking about the holy ghost and read a scripture about the fruits of the spirit and how feelings we get receive from its influence. So then Ia ask him when have you felt the spirit most strongly in your life. I was expecting something like with my family or something but no this is Alan and he gives this crazy story and the spirit was so strong! So I asked him and then he gets all quiet and was like when we lived in our old house my mom went to go buy bread or something, and I was in my room and I had this dark feeling come over me and on my bed was this black guy. And so I went to leave my room but then he followed me, so I knelt down and started praying and then in through the window came to people in white and took away this bad spirit. He then said that was the moment in his life where he felt the most peace and how and those fruits of the spirit. I was like wow... you are amazing.

I honestly feel like the reason I was sent to Lo Ovalle was to find Alan. He has been waiting a long time to hear the lessons I know it. He is amazing. I honestly can't even begin to tell you how awesome he is. All he wants and he told me this was to be baptized by the true authority and reactivate his mom so they can go to the temple.

To answer your questions; the Utah Hat is mine :) I found it in Malloco from an older missionary who left it. I don't know everyone just does thumbs up there is a cool story about President Eyering doing it though which it sounds like you heard. I heard it starts cooling off around the end of March but I forgot sunscreen today while playing soccer lets just say not good. I have not done anything but play soccer. I am going to try and talk my zone into going to the ZOO!!! ya we got another gringo named Elder Mann he is pretty cool way more serious than Elder Worthen but I can live with it. There are some other deader sectors in our zone but you are right me and elder Diaz are doing WORK!!!

Some other funny stories I wanted to share with you were that I don't know if I told you but there are a ton Gypsies here in our sector and we have one that honestly just follows us. We have a gypsy stalker! It's creepy and when I say gypsies I mean dresses, tents, and like everything. It's crazy. Also an hermana gave me the coolest bookmark. Like Chile has these famous bookmarks and I had always wanted one but have never seen them and lo and behold an hermana came back from vacation at ViƱa del Mar and bought me one of these bookmarks! Also we found 3 more youth we are starting to teach. It's like crazy unbelievable how God knows what our sector needs. I told you before that our ward was all old people and we had like zero youth. Well all of these people we are teaching and finding are all young men like 15-16 and we found three more, two are legit. I just love the mission!!

Well I love you all and I will write you all next week!

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Alex Leavitt

Alex & Juan

Elder Diaz, Juan, Elder Leavitt & Juan's wife

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  1. Thank you for posting this. My husband was googling my brother, and found him on this. That is Elder Worthen, my brother! :) He's been out since Oct. '09! :)