Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alex's 26th email 2/14/11

I could not post Alex's email until Kira gave us the a-okay because he mentions something in it.  Our family has experienced yet another miracle and we are overcome with joy & tears!!

Hola Familia!!

WOW! I will be honest.  I got a little teary eyed, (but didn't make it obvious for I am in a crowded cyber haha), when I heard about Kira.  I am so excited for her :) Felicitaciones KIRA!!!!!!!!!! (After years of trying and two adoptions Kira & Justin are expecting their first baby.  Yes, you read this correctly......she is PREGNANT. This is truly a miracle!!)

So this week was a little slow cause no one was here but we had some weird stuff go down here in Chile this week. So remember how I have been complaining about the flippin heat here?  Well, on Wednesday we had a freak thunder storm.  It was insane it was like the first time in forever that they had a thunderstorm in the middle of summer.   We were at the house of our ward mission leader when it started and their son who is legit he is four his name is Thomas was like DRAGONS!!! and started flippin out haha so ya cool.  The next day Thursday it just poured and for the first time in my mission I used my umbrella. Friday we were back to our normal blazing heat and it was terrible. Yes and there was a 7.0 earthquake in conception again.  I didn't feel anything but we had people tell us that their houses were moving and what not but we were not affected at all. 

But also we had a ton of drunken encounters this week. One of them was insane! I don't remember what day but we were walking and this drunk came up to us and started talking.  He apparently is in love with boxing and was like in love with me cause I guess I look like some boxer he really likes and kept calling me classic clay (the guy must have really been drunk because Cassius Clay is known as Muhammad Ali. I can understand how they would mistake Alex for German but not for Muhammad Ali).  But he was insane.  We were talking and then he slaps me across the face! I was like ""what the!" and then he takes my hand and slaps himself across the face, then he laughs gives me a hug and gives me a huge kiss on the neck!!  After he asks me to kiss him. I just started laughing and was like "sorry man not gonna happen".  But all in all I am kinda tired with dealing with so many drunk people cause not all of them are o friendly. 

I don't know if I had told you guys about an investigator named Gabriela and her family before, but we had lost contact with her for like a month and everytime we would pass  by they wouldn't be home.  On Tuesday we had to quickly run into the Santa Isabel to buy tape for something we needed and she was there with her two kids. We said hi and they invited us over to their place a little later so we went and turns out she had been reading the Book of Mormon the whole time we were out of contact!  She said she loves how clear and to the point the Book of Mormon is and she had some awesome questions about everything and showed some strong interest in baptism.   After the lesson she was like "can you guys accept gifts?" and we were like "ya we think so" and she gives us Ties! awesome haha.  She is progressing slowly but is really good.  She is awesome. 

Also for like the last two weeks there has been a huge evangelico convention here in Lo Ovalle!   They are everywhere and from all different countries.  I guess there is a pastor and his wife here from the states some lady told us but I haven't seen him though.  On Sunday it was insane!   They were basically just lining all the streets in my sector preaching.  What they do is they get in a group of like 4 or 5 people, stand there and just start yelling scriptures and doctrine and what not.  It was insane cause there were hundreds & hundreds of people just yelling different scriptures and what not.  Funniest part was Elder Diaz and I were the only ones in the street cause it was early in the morning and Chileans don't wake up until 12 o'clock haha so I thought it was a little funny. 

Samantha told us she wants to be baptized again she is honestly the cutest little girl I have ever seen. The
lady in the picture with Juan is his wife Carmen haha. Alan will probably be baptized on the 5th of March and the earliest Samantha could be baptized is the 12th of March how cool would that be? (March 12th is Alex's birthday)
The ward started to come back this Sunday things should start getting more back to normal this week I believe. The Youth are lazy.  What else could you expect?  They will take longer than most people but they come to play soccer with us every Monday guess you can see what the priority of teenage guys are right?   Funny story, my favorite youth in our ward came back on Sunday and we were visiting with his family and he was like "hey your sister had a birthday right?"  I was like "ya on the 3rd why?"  he was like "oh I saw it on facebook and sent her a message saying happy birthday"  This kid is ridiculous but awesome haha.  Also we found this lady who just moved into Lo Ovalle like last month and we have a cita with her today right after P-Day ends.  Wish me luck cause I have a really good feeling about her for some reason.  I just pray her husband is as open as she is that is usually the determinator.

I love you guys.  Kira I am still super pumped and excited about hearing your news :) Ok cuidense.  I love you all.  My Spanish is a lot better now.  Choa!
         Elder Alexander Leavitt

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