Monday, February 21, 2011

Alex's 27th email 2/21/11

So I got home from Utah still sick and I napped off and on the couch all night before going to bed.  Instead of getting up with Sarah for seminary I kept sleeping which I needed.  When the alarm went off I went to get up but Fred had set it early to get up to do his scripture study and he told me to go back to bed.  I was already to do that and decided to get up.  As I was coming down the stairs I realized it was Monday morning and I was late getting Alex's email out.  I felt terrible!  I rushed to get it done hoping I got it sent in time.  You never know with cyberspace, time changes and when they get to a computer.  I got this strange email from him a bit ago that said he had just read my email but didn't have time to answer my questions.  I was sad thinking that was all we were going to get.  About an hour later this showed up and it was written before the other email.  Strange eh?  Well at least he did eventually get our email before he got offline.  He'll have more questions to answer next week and I won't have just traveled and hopefully won't be sick and will remember on Sunday to write him :)

Hola familia!

So what happened?  I didn't get an email from you guys this week sad day.  But this week was awesome! First, so Alan came back from vacation and we told him that because he missed two Sundays he had to wait till March 5th for his baptism but then he started bawling he felt soo bad!  So throughout that week we talked with President King told him everything about Alan how special this kid is, how we both have never seen or heard anybody with this much desire and want to be baptized and asked if he can keep his original baptismal date. In the end President King said he can keep his original date!  So this Sunday Alan will be baptized!!! and he asked me to baptize him!!! Ugh! I am sooo excited.  I love this kid to death he is so amazing and spiritual and when he said he wanted me to baptize him I was just super excited! He is the first investigator that I actually found to be baptized.  I am so stoked.  It will be my first time to actually do that baptism and everything.  I am just soo excited and just super happy if you couldn't tell.  I couldn't help but tell you guys that first cause I was just super stoked and have been waiting awhile to tell you guys, so ya I will be doing my first baptism this Sunday.  I am sooo excited!

Ok soo cool, so it is super hot like I have told you many times before so we stopped by a members house who has some ridiculous youth haha.  We were there drinking our coca-cola when Benjamin was like "hey your sister is on facebook haha"  I was like "what?"  I guess he friend requested Alycia, Sarah, and Kira because he thinks they are all pretty haha.  I was like "which one?"  he says "the super blonde one".  So I told him to say "HI SHISHA!" and they started talking.  I thought is was pretty cool.  Every now and then I would have him ask her questions like "how is kira and life and what not"  it was just a random coincidence that I thought was cool. On the same topic, in my ward there is a perfecional translater named Carolina in my ward and her English is perfect better than mine, and we had a noche de hogar ( family home evening) with her and her family and we walk in and the first thing she says was like YOUR SISTER IS PREGNANT!!!  Ii was like I know! haha  It was so funny.  Apparently she has been talking with mom. But I have come up with some awesome family home evening activities and classes they are legit.  I am pretty proud of them.  We have started to do alot of family home evenings in our ward so we can get them more active and help us with the missionary work.  So I have had to come up with spiritual thoughts spiritual activities and games and I will be honest they are awesome haha.

I will be honest I am all confused cause I don't have questions that I need to answer in my letter haha but I will continue with what I got. Juan has been pretty sick this last week like super bad.  But on Sunday he was good enough to come to church which I was happy about. Church this week was a special one it was stake conference where is was a satellite broad cast of Elder Packer, D. Todd Christopherson, a seventy and sister Dalton.  It was all especially for Chile and it was super legit because all of them but sister Dalton knew Spanish so it was cool to hear what type of accent they had and what not.  But super cool was Alan went and it was super directed for the youth and missions and what not and he loved it.

Cool little story, we had a lesson with Alan and I asked what he had done so far in the day.  He was like I woke up, read the Book of Mormon, went to the pool, then went to my grandmas to read the Book of Mormon with her and then came back and you guys showed up.  I was like "dude you are a saint I love you."

Also,  I am super sick of Corn.  They eat so much Corn here it is ridiculous.  They eat it in all forms too. Mashed, fried, corn on the cob, in soup, just stripped corn stuff, it is ridiculous but I am tired of corn.  Just thought I would let you know. haha.

Well I thought I would end with telling you how happy I am.  We were teaching Alan a lesson about obedience and we were ending and then a scripture popped into my head Mosiah 2:41 and it says that we need to remember the happy and blessed state of those saints that keep the commandments and talks more but I was like this is soo true cause I have never been more happy in my life than I am right now.  Mainly because never in my life have I been more obedient to the commandments of God.  There is such a huge difference between when we are obedient and not.  You can see it, in your life in the lifes of other people,  most importantly you can feel it, or at least I can.  Just cause you are obedient doesn't mean bad stuff won't happen to you but when you are obedient you have the spirit with you and it just doesn't matter, you are so happy it doesn't matter.  Ya it happened but it doesn't effect you as badly.  I don't know, when I shared this scripture with him I was just like, "I am so happy it is ridiculous and I know for a fact my happiness comes from the fact that I am following the commandments of God and because I am humbling myself before him and letting him guide my life."

I love you all and pray you are letting God direct you and bless you in your lives.  Remember the happy and blessed state of the saints who keep the commandments of God, and that wickedness never was happiness.

Con Mucho Amor,
                           Elder Alex Leavitt

P.S. I sent kira a letter, but I think I wrote the address wrong, can you let me know if it gets there or not.

Here's the first email I got when I thought we weren't going to get anything else.  It's still strange that he sent this 30 minutes after the first one but I got this one first:

hey so I just finished reading your email.  I don't have enough time to answer your questions but I hope you realize we were at the kids house and we did not go into an internet cafe haha.  That is very illegal for us to do haha just clarifying (I wrote in his letter that I thought they were in an internet cafe getting a reprieve from the heat and the kid logged onto facebook.  Even though Alex's told us the story in his email he obviously had to make sure we understood he was not at an internet cafe and they got some reprieve from the heat at a members home)

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