Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pituto: Why Friends are better than money in Chile

Chilean society is built on the back of social connections. These networks of relationships are formed amongst family, neighbors, co-workers, college buddies, and childhood friends.

Pituto is the Chilean slang for connections that come in handy in a variety of circumstances.

There is a saying in Chile, es mejor tener amigos que plata, which means “It is better to have friends than money.”

Do you need a new job? Pituto will help you find it through an old friend.

Want a private tour of the presidential palace? Pituto helps when your friend works there.

Having a hard time getting a reservation during the busy travel season? Don’t worry, pituto happens to have a cousin that works down there and can get you in.

Pituto is so pervasive that often times being on the outside is that much harder — for a gringo or a Chilean.

So just remember: friends are better than money in Chile.

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