Monday, January 24, 2011

Alex's 23rd email from Chile 1/24/11

Hola! Familia!

It is so hot here. The last two days it has been like 34 degrees celsius. I don't know hot exactly that is but it is hot that's all I know. Also it is insane it is hot all the time like all day and all night but night like starts at 10 30 it does not get dark until like 10 O'clock here. It messes with my mind cause I think it is way earlier and then I ask my comp where we are going and he tells me back to the pension. Then I get pack to the pension start changing my clothes and my socks have like all these white lines all over them. I have come to the conclusion that the white is the crystallized salt from my sweat it is soooo hot here.

On Monday it was way cool. I took part in my first confirmation. A kid in my ward was baptized and I was asked to join in the circle it was my first one. Also I blessed the sacrament in Spanish for the first time. Only because we took the sacrament to an older Hermano in our ward (wow that was a struggle. I kept messing up with my Spanish and English) but it was a way neat experience. It reminded me of when we would bring the sacrament to Brother Petit (i cant spell). I loved doing that.

On Friday I spent the whole day in the downtown of Santiago because I was going to go get my cranet, basically my Chilean ID. It took all day there were soo many lines and different buildings we had to go to. But it was fun cause I went with my group from the MTC so it was cool to see them all again. But also Elder Pedraza was there cause in a year or so you need to go and renew it. Now the first time I saw Elder Pedraza was like 3 or 4 days after we had changes at the Christmas party and he did not come over to talk to me at all and I wasn't about to start up a convo with him. But, when he walked into the room and saw me his face lit up and he was like ELDER LEAVITT!!! He was so excited to see me. Later he told me how he misses me wants me back and how the whole ward misses me. Also he doesn't like his new comp very much and apparently the ward doesn't either. It's just nice to be appreciated every now and then especially when they took you for granted before. But it was way cool to just talk about Malloco hear how everyone was doing and how they all want me to write them letters haha. After we got everything finished all the Elders that had to get their carnets done went for lunch it was cool. I got back to my sector around like 7 at night and I left at 6 in the morning.

Also pretty cool I met a guy that was like training with a American football in the street so I walked over threw the ball with him a little and later found out he is on a team here in Chile and training for a team that Chile is getting together to go up to the states to play pretty cool.

Also when I was in the office Hermana Dorius showed me the letter you sent her. She got it like 3 days ago and loved it. Also this guy in our ward showed us this video it is crazy! It's about the earthquake and tsunami here in Chile. It was pretty cool so I wrote down the title for you to look up on youtube. It's something like this Terremoto y tsunami, chile 2010 vive. Also cool fact, our mission here in Chile sends more missionaries and has more hospital bills than all the other missions in Chile combined!!

Your questions now. I cant think of anything I need for my birthday. Everyone says I need to get a Canadian soccer jersey. I do have one in my closet already that dad got me. They say that's why I am good at soccer cause I am not truly gringo haha. They all call me the Canadian. They still can't believe how good at soccer I am. The Primary sacrament meeting in Spanish was awesome! I loved it and yes it was in Malloco. Yes the pictures were from the view of my apartment. I took them because usually you can't see the mountains with the snow cause of smog. Oh also the other elders are Elder Baroco and Elder Worthin. And yes for sure I will start taking more fotos of Chilean life. I am good still happy to be here, loving it actually. I am still working with Elder Diaz trying to get him more excited. Ya P-days are basically the same. Still play soccer every p-day but cool today we brought our investigator Nicolas his buddy Kevin who is a member and a kid named Nacho that is an in active recent convert so really cool. Juan didn't pass his interview for baptism so we pushed it back to the 5th and will work on strengthening some things. I am just happy he isn't all down about it and he has a good attitude. And yes we get the Liahona's in English and Spanish fairly regularly.

Well that's all I got for you guys I love you all. I am working hard, studying hard, and trying to my best. I love you all and will talk to you next week :)

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

Alex sent another message when I went back and checked my email. Here's what he said:

hey also thanks for the picture it was awesome! oh another story I forgot to tell you was today when I was kicking trash at soccer I went up for a header against the goalie. I was trying to score and he stabbed my eye the hardest I have ever been poked in the eye before. It was terrible. They said it looked like it might have taken a chunk of my cornia but I think it looks normal and I am all good :)

*Ben helped me find a video. I typed in the address Alex gave and there were a lot to choose from. I don't know if this is the one he watched or not.

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