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Alex's 22nd email from Chile 1/17/11

Alex's desk

Hola Familia!

This week has been crazy. Monday we taught Juan and it was awesome he told us he wanted us to pass by and teach him everyday. We didn't teach him everyday but like 4 or 5 times this week. He is progressing like crazy he has accepted all of our commitments word of wisdom, law of chastity everything. He didn't go to church but that's because he was sick. He is so awesome and has just totally changed everything in his life. I have honestly not seen someone change like him.

It has been sooooo flippin hot here. It was funny though, one day we were walking and the street was just like a flippin river. These people opened up the fire extinguisher and dammed off the water and created a flippin pool in the middle of the road haha. It was funny to watch.

This is the view from Alex's apartment.
He said that usually the smog is so bad that you can't see the mountains with snow on them. I'm assuming those mountains in the back ground with snow on them are the Andes Mountain range.

Friday is where all my news is though. We had zone conference. It was in Republica and it was pretty cool. We had a 70 come talk to us about improving our teaching skills. Also I didn't even realize it but every conference they celebrate all the birthdays of the missionaries that are in between conferences which is like every other change. So I had my birthday celebrated and got a thing of banana bread! I got a ton of mail. Finally got the package with Ben's walk man thank you. But, I also got my dear john! It is ok though, a close friend sent me a letter about a month ago and told me she has been dating a guy pretty seriously so I have been expecting it. Really I am fine. I just thought it was funny cause didn't Brandon get his dear john on his birthday and I got mine the day we celebrated it haha. Also we had a dear john party later and they made me take a picture with it. But most importantly I got two letters from the family Gonzales. I am so happy you don't even believe it. This just made everything better. One I got a wedding invite from them and a letter from Juan Pablo the dad. He has been inactive for YEARS! I told you guys that in the letter he said I have big news for you 1. we got married on the 8th of January, 2. Patricia was baptized on the 9th, 3. guess who baptized her? I did! I am just soo happy for that family they have been waiting so long for this and it is even better that he baptized her. This family can seriously change the ward there in Malloco they are so awesome. Literally that letter alone just made everything ok about my dear john just everything. It doesn't matter because I am here for something that is way more important. God has a plan for me and my life and I know one day I will be blessed for it. Well, not one day I already am :)

Zone Conference with Elder Corbridge from the First Quorum of the Seventy

So we found this group of youth like 3 friends about 15 yrs that want to listen to the lessons. One of them is soo awesome his name is Nicolas and is way legit. I am excited about it cause our ward has like almost no youth.

Saturday we had an awesome activity with the priesthood of our ward where we made and ate hamburgers in the house of one of our other investigators. We brought Juan. It was awesome everyone loved it. At the activity though the 1st counselor asked me to give a talk the next day! I was like what? I had to give a talk on member missionaries and how everyone is one. So I go home write about 2 and a half pages for my talk, go to church and I am the last speaker and they left me with like 30 mins to talk! I had been praying like crazy the entire morning. I can honestly tell you now the gift of tongues is real. Never in my whole mission has my Spanish been this good. I didn't even use the talk I wrote and talked the whole 30 mins and actually went a little over. I told my ward about and started with the story of Kira and her example for me and how she was an amazing member missionary growing up and still is. Shared a scripture about the sons of mosiah and talked about their love for everyone and their desire to teach and share the gospel with everyone after their conversions. Honestly it felt like the best talk I have ever given. I obviously talked about more stuff but don't have time to write it all. After a hermana came up to me told me she was enchanted with my talk, it was beautiful, and she understood everything (in the beginning of my talk I asked for forgiveness if they couldn't understand me). It was way awesome! Also forgot to tell you that morning we had a meeting with the bishop in the morning and the church was flooded! Some kids turned the fire hose on and didn't turn it off all the way so we spent the morning drying everything before church started.

To answer your questions, no I didn't feel the earthquake it was too far south. Umm it will probably start getting colder around April I think. I know the seasons are just opposite. Juan is awesome he is progressing a ton! Chileans end their sentences with 'po' usually but 'ya' too 'ya' is just more natural for me I guess haha I never thought of it. No my knee started hurting on a Saturday but it is basically all gone. I only feel it now and then now so it is getting better. The family with the paperwork is good they are just hard to get in touch with at times. You can attach photos if you want. I don't think it would slow anything down. About Grandpa Leavitt all I remember is the last family gathering we had when everyone camped outside the house haha. I played in the huge puddles and pretend pieces of wood were ships, and how he brought everyone of us in and gave us his quote and I remember I sat on the side of his bed and gave him a hug. Then it was like the first day or close to it that we finally got back to San Diego we got the phone call that he died and I just bawled. I don't know why I did I had only met him once that I could remember. And now I have his tie and use it on my mission and I have his missionary plaque on the mission (a quote on prayer that he gave each of his grandkids before he passed away). Guess since I never really got to know him I can try somehow. I don't even know if this makes sense but those are the memories I have of my Grandpa Leavitt.

Well I literally have no time now but I wanted to end with something I found while flipping through my missionary study journal. It was a quote I wrote down from this last General Conference and I don't even remember who said it but it just hit me crazy hard when I read it again. It says something like this cause I am doing this from memory ¨ We will all one day have to relate what we did with the name of Christ¨ It hit me way hard cause one I wear his name everyday here in Chile. But then I was like "wait we all took upon ourselves the name of Christ when we were baptized and then weekly as we take the sacrament." It just makes you think of what you do from day to day that one day you will be judged for it. I don't know thought I would share that with you.


Elder Alex Leavitt

p.s. Hey I sent Sarah something special last week I really hope it gets there let me know when it does.

Alex with his 'Dear John' at his 'Dear John' party.

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  1. I love how guys make even sad things funny. The Dear John party is so funny. This is the first letter I've read and it is so touching. I had tears in my eyes through most of it. I love reading about missionaries and their experiences. Maybe it's because I never went on a mission. Who knows. Lisa, you should be so proud of your son. You have the most wonderful kids. :)...We miss you guys.