Monday, September 13, 2010

Alex's Fourth Letter from Chile

Hola Familia!

So I guess all good comes with its opposition right? Or at least that is what I am suppose to teach people and it is amazingly true! So Samuel came to our appointment on Tuesday! We taught him about the word of wisdom, oh he hasn't come to church because, one his alarm didn't go off the first time, and the second time he went to our chapel instead of the stake center for conference. But he came to Tuesday so I am happy. We committed him and he said he would do anything for God and said he would live the word of wisdom. Also we rescheduled his baptismal date for the 25th of September.

Then on Thursday I started feeling like I was starting to get a sore throat and a headache so I drank a ton of water and took some drugs. Friday I woke up with probably the worst headache I have had since my incident freshman year. I got out of bed and couldn't walk straight, my vision was blurred and I was so dizzy. It was terrible. I asked Elder You for a blessing which he gave me and I then felt like I was good to go to our lunch appt. I had such a sore throat it felt like it was on fire just from the air outside. We got there and I had like zero appetite to eat lunch, but since they take their food very seriously down here I forced myself to eat and then I started feeling terrible again. The hermana noticed I was starting to space, put her hand on my face, told me I was burning up and had a fever and had Elder You take me home. On the way home we got a call that our clothes were done being washed. Luckily the hermanas house is right on the way back to our place so we stopped there picked them up when she asked if we could give her daughter a blessing because she broke her knee or something. Don't really know I just heard the word knee and it was all wrapped up. So just like 1 or 2 hours earlier I just received a blessing and then helped give one. (Just a little side note, blessings are gonna kill me here everyone here has a minimum of 4 names if not more! It is so hard to remember their names) So when we finished we continued on our way home almost having my throat catch fire again where I just crashed for the rest of the day it was terrible. The next day we really didn't get much done again. We had lunch knocked doors for a little then went back to the pension because of the rioting. I was ok with it because although I no longer had a headache my throat still hurt. But I guess out here on September 11th they really enjoy cutting the power lines so in parts of Malloco there was no power. Luckily we never lost ours. Also in some of the worse parts of town they had bonfires in the street. I could see one from the back window but from what I heard there was like 3 or 4. Overall it was a fun night. We ate lots of food and played a lot of checkers and chess haha.

Sunday was awesome! but also had a little downside. Samuel came to church! I was pumped. Also I no longer had a sore throat and only had a runny nose haha. Also an 8 year old had a baptism in our ward it was awesome and guess who came to the service? Samuel! I had even forgotten we invited him to come, but it was really neat he remembered and I know it was a good experience for him. The family was even good enough to invite him to the party afterwards which he went to. The little bit of the downside of the day was at lunch. At the Dinosos we were eating and now usually I don't talk in English just to talk in English. I try to understand and respond in Spanish but when I don't know what they said and can't figure it out I ask Elder You to translate so I can answer. Or if there had been a conversation for a while I ask him to give me an idea of what just happened. So I asked him what just happened and there eldest son who doesn't live there, is married, and was just over for family dinner starts flippin out. I was sooo confused. He kept saying "DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH IN THIS HOUSE! I lived in the States for a year I know what you said!" and went on and on. Elder You was defending me and us and was like "if you know English you wouldn't be upset" and it was crazy. Even his brother told him to calm down and it's like everyone tells me not to speak English and I understand what they mean. Like I need to speak Spanish, but if I honestly have no idea what they say or don't know a word I will ask my companion and then continue in Spanish. The people here just assume I should know it already but heck, I know people living in the States for like 8 years who still don't know English so I am happy with how I am progressing, and I am progressing. I have noticed it and other people have noticed it. But holy heck it was insane so we just ate very quickly didn't talk for the rest of the meal and left as soon as possible.

Ok to answer your very few questions, I noticed, the emailing building is literally a 5 min walk down the street of where we live which is very convenient. The owner knows us very well now and likes us alot. We didn't find anyone new this week to teach but I am just stoked Samuel reappeared. So just a few random funny things things week. So we were at lunch with this family and they have like a 12 year old daughter and she is way into music and I was like "I know the coolest song ever! look up Alex Leavitt- alive." (that is my music video if you forgot) (click here to check out the video) Well now I am famous. The family thought it was hilarious and sent it to everyone in the ward! For like the last week I have gotten "I saw you on YouTube! haha I think it is kinda funny." Also on Tuesday I got my first letters! I am pumped! Another funny comment I have gotten was that this girl just randomly said at one of our lunch appointments that she thinks I look like Ken Barbie. Personally I don't see it but her and her mom totally agree. I dont know if it is because I am white or what but ya they do. Elder You couldn't stop laughing after that one. Also I bought me a fatty Chilean Flag for the 18th! Which I am pretty sure I said already is Independence Day down here. So now we are reppin it in our window at the house. Our neighbor thanked us for putting his countries flag up and he respects that, so hey go us haha.

Well and today is Monday my p-day and speaking of which I already told you this whole next week I'd basically gonna be a huge party because it's their 200 year mark. So besides everyone getting this week off they are giving them next Monday as day off to recover so all the businesses will be closed. So next Tuesday is my p-day so no email next Monday. Today was fun. Our zone went to our neighboring zone and played on a professional teams big practice soccer turf field! Not gonna lie it was legit and we killed them like 7-2. So PeƱaflor is basically the best zone. Ok besides that and it rained like 2 days last week. I think I am out of stuff to talk about. Ok I love you guys and I will talk to you next week.


Elder Leavitt

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