Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a Coincidence!!!!

Alycia has a brother-in-law named Derrick. Derrick and Alex are about 6 months apart in age. Derrick received his mission call to the Chile Rancaugua Mission the same week as Alycia & Trevor's wedding. He has been in Chile since February. Imagine our surprise when Alex was called to serve in Chile also although a different mission. We thought that would be the last of the coincidences until this.........

Elder Crowley & Elder Leavitt

Do you remember when Alex talked about Elder Scott coming to the speak and that they combined two missions to listen to him? Well.....they combined Alex & Derrick's missions. Crazy eh?!! The odds of these two ever seeing each other in Chile while serving in different missions is next to nil. What a fun surprise for them and our families. I'm a little bias but I think it's a great picture of both of them :)

I received a little email from Sister King the other day in response to an email I had sent her. I had shared with her what Alex had written home about her and President King and their recent Stake conference they attended. Here's what she had to say:

Dear Sister Leavitt,

It is always so fun to get an email from you. Yes we did speak at Stake Conference I did it in Spanish and was so nervous but I did it! Elder Leavitt is getting it slowly slowly but it will come he is so cute and happy all the time I just love him. This Chilean Spanish is something. Elder You is so sweet he has only been a member 4 years this month he was so proud of his anniversary this month of his baptism. He is a great missionary and wants to please the Lord.
Yes he will be going home in November it makes us sad we will miss Elder You. His Mother lives in San Mateo, Ca. and this is her email. We do not have his fathers information but neither one of them are members. I know any Mother loves to hear good things about her son. Good luck with that and thank you for sharing,

Hermana King

Elder Leavitt took this picture of us at Stake conference I just wish he would of been in it.

President & Sister King & their daughter at Stake Conference


  1. WOw. How cool is that that they both would end up in the SAME mission!

  2. They only combined the two missions to hear Elder Scott speak. Alex & Derrick are not in the same mission. I guess I should have said that the two missions were invited to hear him speak.