Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alex's 95th email from Chile 6/11/12

This could very well be our last email from Alex in the mission field. He leaves Chile next Monday evening and is unsure if he will have time during the day to get to a computer. He's not sure exactly what will be happening that day with their departure activities. Keep a look out for a great post sometime that week. I will have him sum up his last week of the mission and we will of course post the homecoming :) I have mixed emotions right now. I am so excited to see my boy but sad because he is our last missionary. We are so proud of him and the man he has become. He has been an excellent missionary. I can't wait to hug him and kiss him! Every letter he has sent home he has told us he loves us and will talk to us next week. This week he said he will "see" us next week. It made me smile :) It just doesn't seem real. The two years has just flown by!!!

Hola Familia!!

This has been a heck of a week. On Wednesday we had interview with President King. They went really well we ended up talking more about the zone and the other missionaries than but then again I will be having interviews with him again this week soo it makes sense. I also came up with a sweet iniciative about doing more contacts and what not it was cool. Then I went on divisions with Elder Gomez a missionary from Ecuador it was fun. We ate soo much food! I swear everyone here is trying to fatten me up before I get home and it is working. The funny thing is is that I have had people tell me they are trying to fatten me up.

Then Friday we got a call from the asistents and wanted one of us to go over to another sector because they were having problems with spirits and what not and couldn't sleep at night. So then we had to go over and see if something was actually going down. Well nothing happened so it was just a fun division. A missionary from Colombia gave me a sweet jacket! It's almost as cool as my llama one.

Makarena is doing awesome she is so ready to get baptized but she wants to do it right she says and will be baptized the first week of July. Her and her boyfriend are no longer sleeping in the same room and in fact they are broken up now. But she needs to wait till July for their contracts to expire and she can move out! She is doing awesome and is sharing the gospel with everyone and has given away a total of like 3 or 4 Books of Mormon!! She is a baller.

This last week we got to go to medico cause my companion got sick which meant I dropped by the Temple and bought 3 of the 50yrs dvds no worries mom :) Hey but when I was there I looked for some CTR rings but in Spanish and don't have any besides the green primary ones and I promised Rocio a cool one so if you can look for one mom that would be cool.

Today I got my temple recommened, my last one expired this month. Crazy it's been 2 years eh? President King said he was forced to rip it but I talked him into only ripping it in half and then giving it to me. I want to keep all of my temple recommeneds. I don't know thought it would be cool when I am older to look back and have them all.

My suits are actually doing awesome just dirty they need washed. My other pants, every single ones has a ton of holes, so I am debating on just leaving them. Michelle didn't call me so no I didn't see her. Cristobal has kinda disapeared but Lucas is awesome him and his mom have the goal to go to the temple soon sweet! Lorena is good she is progressing slowly but surely :) With the contacting we did way better like way better than before but still not as good as I would have liked. Yes I sent the letter to President King last week. The other two elders in my pension are ballers they help me out alot. The zone is doing awesome the numbers are all going up in the zone.

Well familia I love you all. We shall see if I will be able to write next Monday or not. I have no idea they don't tell me anything. But I love you and will see you all next week :)

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alexander Thomas Leavitt

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