Friday, June 1, 2012

Alex's 92nd email from Chile 5/21/12

Awesome sunset at our chapel

Hola Familia!!!

Como Estan!!! This week was a good and sad one. One no one was home like no nobody the entire week. Our numbers were so low this week it was rediculous. All the contacts we did were not home, none of our investigators were home, and then on top of all of that none of the members were home either we were litterally just walking in the streets all day long. But its ok :) we still had a good week.
Lots of completo's
We found this one scientific dude that wanted to talk to us. He is the brother of a contact we were following up on. Well we had a pretty decent lesson with him. He asked a ton of questions about hell, Heaven, Miracles, The Scriptures, The Book of Mormon, If God really exsists and if he does why is their so much suffering if God is Love. It was pretty cool. He said he didn't like a couple of our answers cause their is no proof, and says faith is our fallback answer. Then I came in and was like "your into science right?" he says "yes." I said "faith is not just a thing only in religion but also in science. Like we may not know everything about something, or how it works but we have faith it exsists." How all the major and famous scientists didn't know excactly how to create the things they invented but it takes faith and work to make something happen to work a miracle like electricity, Televisions, motors. Everything we have today took alot of faith and failure, and diligence to create. So if we want to know if God exsists we need to do the same thing. Have faith, work (prayer scripture study), have failures probably (God will give us answers in his time), and be diligent to find the answer. It was an awesome lesson. Later his Mom and Sister showed up and we shared with them & it was legit.

Then on Friday we had a ward talent show. It was good. Nobody had prepared talents and nobody asked us to do anything we just showed up, so we got there no one was doing anything so I went up and sang and from there everything got going it was awesome. I won a gaviota or seagull. It's a trophy.
The seagull trophy is from the festival of ViƱa it is huge! And they give out seagull trophies there. I sang like a part of some Backstreet Boys song haha. 

On Sunday Cristobal Lucas brother came to church!! After sacrament meeting ended we stand up and he says "I know I already told you guys I would be willing to get baptized but now I know I will." IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME!!!! I love the mission. Also we have been working with this Japanese family in our ward that is inactive. Well yesterday we went in and started talking about eternal families, talked about the strength it gives us (because the parents are on the verge of a diviorce and have been seeing councelers), how it can heal family ties and everything. Well weirdly the dad just starts crying and how they need to go back to church. We invited them to come to church Sunday and they said yes :) Also we have appointments with them during the week. Also Sunday afternoon right after lunch we got a call from an hermana in the ward and a recent convert Marcos was in the hospital and it sounds like there isn't much hope for him to make it out. He has cancer. So we got special permission to leave the sector and go visit him in the hospital. It was my first time doing that. It was sad, he was soo weak. Well we shared with them they were happy to see us and surprised. They didn't know we were coming. We gave him a blessing and I actually feel like he will make it out of the hospital. It was cool. They are a poorer family so he was just thrown in a room with like 25 other pacients there were visitors and everything and we gave him a blessing in the middle of a noisy room but the spirit was so strong it was awesome.

On a happier note our Zone went Go-Karting today!! It was fun and I won so thats a bonus. It was what I needed to get a little more animo:) God Loves me.

Well seeing you didn't ask any questions this week I think thats all I got for ya. I love you all soo much and I am praying for you constantly.(We had company and I was in a rush to get his letter off and forgot to ask questions. He wrote a pretty good letter despite that :)

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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