Friday, June 8, 2012

Alex's 94th email from Chile 6/4/2102

At the Science Museum for Pday

Hola Familia!!

Well my body has been soo confused because of the change of pday all yesterday. I was like thinking it was going to be Wednsesday and what not but ya here I am and back on track it has just been weird.

This has been insane and I am wasted!! We had a special training meeting with president King, I had concilio where we travel to Presidents house as zone leaders and meet with him, and district meeting on top of it. This last week our pension was robbed as well. Luckily nothing of mine was taken but a missionary had like 120 dollars taken sucky. Right now we are looking for a new pension because this pension has been robbed on several times. Concilio was good, we talked alot about opening your mouth and talking with everyone. I forgot another meeting I had with our stake president where we came to the conclusion that his dad served under President Palmer! cool huh?

A picture of Alex's Stake President's Dad who was the first Chilean missionary. 
Read what Alex wrote below the next picture. 
Alex writes "Hey, here is a picture Justin's Grandpa and the Dad of my Stake President who was the first Chilean missionary and served under President Palmer. Cool coincidence eh??"

I have been a little down and I was getting worse. Our numbers had been going down and everything. I have repented and my animo is back up. Concilio helped alot with that. I don't want to end on a bad note. I am working hard. I am trying to complete with all the goals I have set and plan on doing 2 80 contacts during these last 2 weeks. I am good now :)

On Sunday I walked into the chapel and Rocio and her mom were there! Rocios mom said she probably couldn't come the 18th to say goodbye so she wanted to come that Sunday and Rocio told me all about her experience at the temple because I wasn't able to go. She said it was awesome and actually brought the name of her Grandpa and he was baptized! She gave me his card and I am going to do the other half for him. Also there was a dog in the chapel that just didn't want to leave. It was really funny actually.

Rocio, her Mom & Alex
(too bad he couldn't get a picture of the dog that was in the chapel :)

About next week I have no idea if it will be my last week or not. I have heard of misisonaries that have done email that day and others that haven't. The weather is soo weird here. It was hot a couple days ago and today has been the coldest day in Chile all year so it's odd. Cristobal and Lucas are way good. Cristobal won't be getting baptized before I go home but Macarena could!  We will know for sure or not tomorrow. Pray for her. Lorena is good slowly progressing.

Our zone activity was cool. It was like a smaller version of the science museum I like back home. Oh yesterday it was insane. We had to run to a sector and talk to 2 missionaries that were fighting and were asking for emergency changes. Luckily after 3 hours we calmed them down and are actually doing way better. Also I have some questions about luggage and what not with clothes and what not. If there are things that I will just never use can I leave them here? Or stuff that has holes which is almost everything can I just leave them here in the mission? I don't know like I know for a fact I dont need like 6 short sleeve shirts. Just let me know what you think.

Look at all those Elder Leavitt's :)

Well family I love you all and I am working hard. I am tired and I love the mission.

Cuidense mucho, les quiero,

Elder Alex Leavitt

Alex definitely took this picture for his Dad :)

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