Monday, November 21, 2011

Alex's 66th email from Chile 11/21/11

The Republica Zone with President King.

Hola Familia!!!

This week was rediculous! La Rocio is doing awesome!!! On Monday she called us and asked us to come over. So we rushed all our stuff to end p-day we got over there and were wondering what happened. Well turns out she couldn't meet with us on Tuesday because she was having the young woman over to her house and wanted to have her lesson with us on Monday! what 16 yr old does that?  We met with her like 4 or 5 times this week. She is progresing sooo much!! She came to church and loved every second of it. I am so stoked about her. Her family also just loves us we were walking in the street during the week and a car pulls over and it was Rocio's mom. She was like "hey you guys should come over later tonight" so we were like "sure we will see what we can do." An appointment fell threw and we went over had completos and shared a lesson with Rocio. It is so nice when you have the support of the family.

Well me and Elder Carcamo have broken a record here in Republica. I want to know if there is one for the mission but this last week we did 2 58 contacts! and found 14 news! HOW LEGIT IS THAT??? but I will be completly honest, by Sunday night I was just dead tired.  We worked so hard this last week I am so dead. We set some high goals this week and went and got them. It was awesome but seriously I am so tired. We went on divisions alot with the youth in our ward. I left with Dary he is tight. We have a sweet handshake I will have take a video and send it to you guys.

So this last week obviously like I said we did a ton of contacts but we contacted alot in La Legua this week and while we were there we were hearing some gun shots and what not it was pretty crazy. Also we found this family where the grandpa is dying. They let us in so we could give him a blessing. Turns out he listened and was very active in the church and with the missionaries 10 yrs ago. Well he got cancer and the whole family was like "wow you guys showed up at the excact time, the perfect time." The doctors said he will go at anytime and really we were there the last time he was concious and he started crying when we walked in the room. It was such a neat and spiritual experience. Last thing I heard him say was that he was at peace it was way neat.  So cool to actually feel like you are tools in Gods hands to help his children be happy and feel his presence. His family was like "wow we haven't even gotten people from our church here and you guys just showed up." so sick!

So the change ended and our new change has begun. Elder Carcamo and I are going to be together for another change. I am so pumped! In fact from my entire district not a single one of us has changes!!  Our district name is los encapuchados! Those are the students that fight against the cops here haha. and we made district shirts!!! They are pretty legit. Elder Mlazgar is pretty happy so am I haha. We are going to take the trash out on this next change. Changes are excactly this Tuesday but they tell us on Saturday before so you have Sunday and Monday to do goodbyes.

The email that was sent with these pictures read:
"Enjoy these photos and remember to always raise the banner of freedom - The Book of Mormon"

Dad's last blog was a repeat he sent the graduations again and then when Sarah came home for like a week or something. In the Bible I am now like halfway through 2nd Corinthians

OK family that was my week a ton of work and lots of success I am dead tired but here comes another change  hagamos lo!
 lets do it!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Leavitt

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