Monday, November 7, 2011

Alex's 64th email from Chile 11/7/11

I'm sure Alex was excited to see this sign!!

Hola Familia!!!!!!

This week was fantastic. Also I have officially decided also that this week has gone by too fast and that the mission is going by to fast. So much has happened this week I don't know where to start. Elder Carcamo and I are working super hard. But it is getting sooo hot here now.  The other day it was 32 degrees C I was dying. But ok lets see, So Elder Mlazgar and I went on divisions last week ya, well we were walking and this Hawk was just eating this pidgeon in the middle of the road. I was just watching this happen when we were stepping down from the side walk and stepped in a hole and rolled my ankle!!! I fell right there in the middle of the street pretty embarresing haha. But the hawk was tight. My ankle hurt for like 2 days and now its fine. Also I had TACO BELL the other day!!! I had a crunch wrap supreme. I have missed sour creme so much. It doesn't exsist here and at taco bell was the first time I have had it since I got here to Chile.
Elder Leavitt & Elder Mlazgar

We had a special divosional this week with Elder Snow from the presidency of the 70.  It was pretty cool. The whole mission went so I got to see some people I have missed.  I also got to take a picture with my 3 kids of the mission. At the divocional they talked a ton about have the spirit and teaching by the spirit. It was tight.  I translated the whole thing into English for the senior couples!!!

Elder Leavitt & his three sons: 
Elder Florez, Elder Carcamo & Elder Garcia

Also during the week we had a capacitacion especial from president King and it was really good. He taught about working more effectively and focused alot on planning well. During district meeting I got a ton of letters from La Islita from lots of different families saying how much they miss me and how I left a hole in the branch it was cool. (Speaking of which mom there is a Camila who is sad because she has not yet been accepted on facebook)
I don't like La U I like Colo colo but this graffiti is sick
there is alot of graffiti like this in Chile

On Saturday after the divocional Luis was baptized!!! It was awesome!! Adolfo a guy in our ward (Just a quick side note it takes me sooo long to write these letters because I keep throwing in spanish words and have to correct myself ugh!!!!) baptized Luis. His family came who are hard core Catholics. They are not super happy but support his decision to be baptized. But it was awesome. The spirit was super strong and I gave a talk. Sunday he was confirmed and his family came again. His sister was crying so we may need to look into that one haha. We had 5 investigatores come to church this week!!! Which is a lot compared to the fact it was the first time we had some come since I have been here!!! But 2 of them are going to get baptized. They are Colombians but need to get married lame, but they have the desire and shared some awesome testimonies on Sunday!! Soo excited.
Elder Carcamo, Luis & Alex

Giovanni we didn't visit this last week because of all the meetings we had. We will hunt him down this week. In the bible I am about half way through John. Rocio has been on vacaciones and will get home this Tuesday and we are already planning on going to visit her that same day. We have this kid come out to work with us alot. His name is Dari pronounced daddy and he is so tight. He shared his testimony on Sunday just saying how much he loves leaving with us and shared his testimony about the missionary work. This kid you would never have expected this from him but since I got here we have been forcing him to leave with us and now he calls us to see when he can leave. Awesome. I have not gotten any box packages yet. I have gotten a few big envelope ones.
Elder Leavitt & Elder Braddy
MTC buddies on the metro heading to a training meeting. 

I just want to end saying how happy I am. We were in the street and I just said to Elder Carcamo and Dari I am so happy right now I don't know why. But really I know it's because I am here in the mission doing the most important thing I could be doing with my life. I get so many comments about how can I always be smiling and laughing. I know I have always gotten comments like that throughout my life but right now I know a hundred percent why I am so happy. To see your impact in peoples lives, watching them accept this gospel, and later be filled with more light and knowledge and change their lives brings me so much happiness. To know I have helped just a little bit in the work of God. I am just soo happy to be here and I feel like I am losing time to do everything I need to do.  Well I love you guys so much and I am so happy to hear how blessed and happy everyone is.
Alex on the metro

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

P.S. I wanted to tell you guys this, I am not chueco or crooked it's what they say here for a disobedient missionary. But just soo you know and can get to know what type of music I will listen to when I get home, I love Don Omar especially dutty love and hold ya. Look them up it is tight! And if you are wondering I have heard them in houses of investigators and in the street and have asked people what songs they are. Love you and enjoy!

I decided to look the guy up and here is one of the songs Alex was talking about:

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  1. Hi Lisa, Hey I have a question! How early do you send your missonary's package for Christmas? What are some of the things you send? My son doesn't tell me much! I was told to send some Christmas decorations since they dont have any. Also some sox and some of the things he has asked for. I am also collecting letters from family and friends to include in his package but what kinds of treats do you send. I was planning on sending it soon so if you can respond ASAP I would be so grateful. Thank you -kendra holton