Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alex's 65th email from Chile 11/14/11

Elder Sosa & Alex in the remains of a car they found. 
He said it was burned during the student riots in Chile.

Hola Familia!!

So another great week! So I know God has listened to my prayers! Because I knew Rocio had great potential. She finally came back from vacation and we had an awesome lesson with her. It was cool her mom told us that she really likes me and Elder Carcamo compared to the other missionaries that come by. But After an awesome lesson Rocio accepted a baptismal date!! We went by two times this last week 1st time we set a fecha with her for the 3rd of December and second time we had another awesome lesson. I love Elder Carcamo he is an amazing missionary who is very inspired and has the spirit always with him. He was talking with Rocio and her mom about different gifts God gives us and then stops and says "just look at Elder Leavitt, One thing I have learned most from him to to be happy. I have never seen a happier person in my life and I know that is a gift God has given him, and another is he has a gift to work with the youth and get them inspired and work in the gospel." Elder Carcamo is very humble and patient some of the reasons I love him.

On Wednesday we had President King acompany us for our district meeting. I had to give the Proposal in the meeting and after shared my testimony that is we always remember our purpose as missionaries we will be happy. I have just been happy if you guys couldn't tell and after President thanked me for my testimony and that he loved it. Funny story, in pouch I got a letter from some random girl alyssa gray I think. Apparently she found my blog and decided to write me. Well I wrote back lets see what happens. (Hey mom before I forget Elder Carcamo wants a picture of the San Diego temple so if you could get him a cool one and send it some time that would be tight.) He saw all my pictures and loves the San Diego temple now. Also if you can email Hermana Dorius & Brother Dorius asked me how Brother Riley is doing, the organist player, I told him he moved from the ward a long time ago to like Montana if I remember correctly. I said you know more than I do.

On Friday we had our greenie meeting and it was awesome although the worst timing. I don't know why it was like this, but it started at 1 in the afternoon and ended at like 6:30. I didn't get back to our sector until 7:30 and then there was no work because Chile was playing against Uraguay at 8!  So Friday we really did not do anything! lame.

On Sunday morning we went over to Rocio's and made her some breakfast as she got ready and then we went to church! So I was pumped she finally went. She is really starting to do the stuff right. Her mom really likes us haha so it's good she is on our side.

People are not yet leaving. That all starts up the end of January and Febuary when school ends. In the Bible I am almost done with Romans! That's what's up I only have 200 more pages to read!!! Other investigators we don't have many progressing so we are focusing on trying to find more people to teach. I was on a rock at a pond at Parque O´Higgins the whole zone was there and it was cool. In the summer is when all the corn comes out and strawberries and melons. Man we eat so much corn in the summer! This change has gone by soo fast! It's the last week of the change already!!! Elder Mlazgar asked President King if he can stay another change. He doesn't want to leave the district haha. I don't want him to go either.

Buena familia I love you guys so much and I can't wait to talk to you next week!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

P.S. One car we found burned after a student riot, this is Elder Sosa Elder Mlazgar's companion

The rest of the car pictures Alex sent.

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