Monday, March 21, 2011

Alex's 31st email from Chile 3/21/11

 Alex eating his birthday cake. It looks yummy!

Hola Familia!!!!

AMAZING WEEK! I love my new companion he is a fellow gringo named Elder Sellers.  He is from Virginia and has 17 months in the mission. The kid is a stud and we have been tearing Lo Ovalle apart.  We do talk a little more English than we should but for some reason I feel like my Spanish is way better than it has been.  I am actually talking a ton if not more than my companion at times in our lessons so I don't know what happened cause my Spanish is pretty dang legit now. 
Our first day together I took him by this kid named Paul who has 14 years.  We had only passed by his place like two times and have not really taught him much but we went to see if he was home and started teaching him about the Holy Ghost and Eternal Life.  I asked him if he wants these things in his life and he said yes. I asked him if he knew what he needed to do if he wanted them, He said yes I need to be baptized. So I then asked him if he would be baptized on the 10th of April by someone who holds the proper authority and he said YES!  Since then this kid has been on fire! He went to a young mens activity on Saturday and church this past Sunday it has been awesome!  He is such a good kid. It is going to be awesome teaching him. 
Samantha has her baptismal interview this Tuesday. That girl is adorable. We were teaching her the 10 commandments and she would always have to say she is obeying that commandment.  We get to the 5th obey your father and mother and all that then she says "I respect my parents until they just keep asking me to do alot of stuff"  I just started laughing it was funny the way she said it. 
Jessica is doing amazing.  We have a goal for her to stop smoking and we are going to have a party.  I am pretty excited about it. Elder Mahoni an elder from New Zealand is sitting next to me and says hi. 
Sunday was amazing our chapel was filled!!!  We have been working really hard with the inactive families in our ward and a ton of them came to church it was awesome to see them. Alan was excited because he blessed the sacrament for the first time. I love watching how excited he is about this gospel. It has just been awesome watching this Ward grow and expanding.  It has truly been such a blessing being here. Just seeing what it was and what it is now is just amazing.  I love the mission.

I loved my birthday gifts!!  I wore my Canadian soccer jersey to play soccer today.  Everyone thought that it was legit!  Which it is. I ate the chocolate so fast haha.  I had no control. They have like some brand of brownies in some of the bigger stores but for the most part they are still unknown to Chileans and they love them! Alan's mom was just like that was so easy to make but they are delicious haha.   Elder Diaz went to Ochagavia.  It is still in the city and he is not that far from me like only 10 mins. Elder Mann in my pension also went and Elder Barco is training a guy from Peru. Here in my mission we get up at 7:30, we leave at like 11:30,  eat lunch at like 1 or 2,  go back out to work at 3:30 and we need to be in the pension the latest by 10:30 at night then bed at 11:30.  I personally like the hours of our mission.

This change is going to be awesome!  I am so excited.  Hopefully we can find some more legit people to teach here in a little bit so I can see them progress before I head out. I am so stoked to be here.

Con Mucho Amor,
                          Elder Leavitt

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