Monday, March 14, 2011

Alex's 30th email from Chile 3/14/11

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Hola Familia!!

This week was amazing. So first off though I had my first thing where someone was a real jerk to me situation happen. We were walking on a crowded sidewalk one day and this lady just spits a fatty lugy thing all over me and my comp it was disgusting. Interesting story we were walking and this shirtless man walks up to us and starts telling us how he trusts us knows we are good people and act in the name of Christ.  Then says if we were true servants of Christ we would help unload this huge truck filled with stuff so us being true disciples of Christ helped this guy unload a truck of a ton of stuff haha.  My shirt was soo dirty afterwards. Hey speaking of Japan I was going to ask you how the missionaries are doing there cause I have a really good friend serving his mission there in Sapporro. 

Alex, Juan, Elder Diaz & Alan at the Santiago Temple.
(look how tan Alex is!!)

Alan was excited to tell me that we were friends on facebook and that he was your friend too haha. SO BEST PART OF THE WEEK. So we went to the Temple again with Alan and this time Juan too but not for a tour or anything.  Alan and Juan went to do Baptisms!!!  And we were allowed to go and watch them! But even cooler was even though we were not allowed to do the baptism we were allowed to do their confirmations!  So I did my first confirmations in Spanish!! Oh it was soo cool.  I loved it!  The Spirit was so strong and it was just a neat thing to be able to do with our converts. I have been so amazingly blessed while on my mission with cool opportunities like this. There was a temple missionary there named Elder Workman. He thinks we are related because we come from Canada.  He said he was going to call you guys.  Let me know if he does. Something really cool about the temple was that as like highlights on the inside there is this stone called Lapiz Lassuli or something like that.  This stone is soo pretty, it is blue and it is unique to only Chile and the middle east it is just super pretty.  I loved it. After we went to the CCM  again for Alan. (The CCM is the missionary training center in Santiago).  He wanted to go and say hi to the missionaries and take a picture.  It was cool for them too because we went the first time before he was baptized and that batch of missionaries had just gotten there and they are there for 3 weeks.  Well when we went they were just ending their time there and Alan had been baptized received the holy ghost and went to the temple way neat!
Elder Nielsen & Elder Leavitt MTC companions now in the same zone and at the Santiago Temple.
My Birthday was awesome! Elder Nielson bought me a present.  I love that guy now he has changed and grown a lot. He bought me a recorder.  One of the plastic flute things haha so I can play hymns. Alan and his family threw me a birthday party!  It was super nice of them to do.  It was way fun.  We had cake and dinner and I brought the brownie mix you sent me and shared it with them.  It was just super awesome.  I love that family. Awesome news though! Jessica, Alan's mom is now an active member of the church.  God has blessed that family soo much and Samantha should be getting baptized here in the next little bit.  I am super pumped about it.

Jessica & Alex making the brownie mix I sent for his birthday.

So Tomorrow is transfers and Elder Diaz is now leaving me.  So I have another change here at least which I am happy about because I still feel like the work the Lord has for me here in Lo Ovalle is not done yet.  I still feel like there is someone else I need to find.  I don't know who but I know he is there.  I have not had a feeling like this before its weird. Elder Champion has changes.  I am sad about that but oh well. 
Yes they have daylights saving here in Chile I don't know when it is though haha. Yes the Key chain is for you and I am glad you enjoyed the box there is some cool stuff in there. Elder Champion is from California and he was in the MTC the same time as me but in a different part.  He has one more change than I do. Ya and Elder Nielson is in my zone.  The ward is doing amazing.  They are growing and on Sunday we had the best assistance and numbers for the ward in the entire time I have been there.  It is awesome just watching this place grow and strengthen.  I love it.  
The weather is starting to change but like fast this last week it has deffinantly changed to autumn.  Man I can't spell.  It is starting to be colder in the mornings and for longer it doesnt get hot until like 1 in the afternoon now its crazy.  I am happy I bought that Llama jacket.

Well I love you guys and pray for you every night.  It is awesome to be here in Chile and doing what I am doing.  It is an amazing feeling to actually know you are being used as a tool and instrument in the hand of the Lord.  It is a feeling I will never forget.

Con Mucho amor.

                            Elder Leavitt

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