Monday, December 13, 2010

Alex's 17 email from Chile 12/13/10

Hola Familia!

So craziest week of my life ready? This will probably be the longest email I send cause it has been ridiculous. So on Thursday in the morning while getting ready Elder Pedraza was crying that my shirt was wrinkly, but in reality he is the type of person that irons their shirt like twice each morning and at night and I had like one wrinkle. To be completely honest my shirt was fine but he was freaking out. He is like "in the manuel misional it says this" and called the district leader. Finally I was "whatever", there is no point in having a mad companion because of my shirt so I ironed my shirt. But he was still mad at me and didn't talk to me for like an hour. Finally he says to me that we are not going to the temple because of my attitude (our temple is out of our mission and we don't ever get to go, but we got permission from President because we had like 13 investigators that wanted to go with our ward). I was like "whatever you can't just decide that." He then goes off and starts packing his suitcases. He called the assistants and told them he is leaving! Finally the district leader comes over takes me and leaves his companion while we waited for the assistentes to show up. Finally they show up, talk to us individually, and then together. Elder Pedraza like refused to talk and was not participating whatsoever. Finally he agreed to try and we went to the temple. It was awesome we had 14 investigators show up. There were exhibits of nativities from all over the world and it was awesome. We took photos with our investigators and it was just a way neat experience.

On the way home Elder Pedraza started to feel sick on the bus and I thought it was just him getting car sick. We got off the bus and he was like "I need to sit down" and just plopped himself on the sidewalk. Me and a family we were with were like "well at least sit on a bench" so we helped him up and walking over he just lost all his strength and crashed. He couldn't breathe and was flipping out. He threw up twice and was just bad and passed out. I called our bishop for a ride to the hospital. Finally he came and we carried my companion into the car and started off. In the car he was in and out of consciousness like 12 times and was talking to someone. It sounded like he was talking to and old friend from Mexico it was way weird. In the hospital after a while the doctors told us that everything checked out fine and it was all emotional. We took him to the bishops house after to get something too eat but he was too out of it to eat anything. From there we went to Maipu where the assistants live and stayed in their apartment for the night. I carried Elder Pedraza so much that night my arms were sore in the morning it was crazy.

The next day we slept in cause I flippin went to bed at 3 in the morning and he had a meeting with the mission psychologist. After the doctor comes out and tells me I have my hands full with Elder Pedraza and remember anyone can handle the easy ones. So after we go home and we're told to just relax and take it easy but elder pedraza wanted to go out and see a family. But I told him that president told us to stay. So he calls president and convinces him to be able to go out and see one family. We leave and on the way back to our house he has another attack! He just drops can't breathe and lost all his strength. So I waved down the Chilean equivalent of a taxi ( a colectivo) and got a ride to our pension. Turns out the driver was a member of another ward and didn't charge us so that was cool. I carried my companion upstairs and put him on my bed cause I have bottom bunk and I didnt want him falling from the top. Elder Pedraza had calmed down and was just sleeping so I left the room to change and for some reason elder Pedraza decided to get up and try going downstairs so he ended falling down the stairs cause he had no strength and was out of it. So I go check make sure he is ok and called my leaders. He was fine, no broken bones or anything, but he was gone on some other planet. He was not making sense. He kept trying to get up, lose strength and whack his head on the floor. So I brought down our mattresses from upstairs and put him in bed. I thought it was better to sleep downstairs so he wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night and fall again but he kept trying to get up and go to work. He kept saying ¨ elder leavitt we are late, we have appointments¨ "√člder Leavitt we need to meet with carlos come on we are late¨ Basically every time he tried getting up I pushed him back into bed. Luckily I had the number of the doctor and was talking to him the whole time. Finally he went to sleep and I finally went to bed at like 4 or 5 in the morning.

The next day we were told not to leave until president came. They also sent our district leader to come help me watch Elder Pedraza until president showed up. Finally president showed up, talked with us for a little, took us to lunch, and after a ton of crying and asking Elder Pedraza convinced president to let him go out to one appointment and that he would be home by 9. Well we went out and Elder Pedraza by 9 oclock refused to leave so we got home at 10 and by then he had another little attack. I got a ride with a member back to our place and put him to bed.

In the morning he was feeling way bad and couldn't even get up stairs without my help. But we had the baptism of Carlos on Sunday and needed to go. So our bishop picked us up and brought us to church. At church elder pedraza had another attack. The assistants came and picked us up and took us to the big hospital in Santiago. We missed the baptism of our investigator :( Once again they told us it was just stress and emotions.

After we were taken to basically the jail apartment of the mission where we waited for president. He came and elder pedraza was asleep so I told him everything that happened. We then went to the mission home to have lunch. It was awesome! Highlight of the week, I made a ginger bread temple with hermana king and her daughter while my comp slept. We then went back to the jail of the mission and spent the night there. I am told we will probably be there for 2 to 3 days. I am so bored cause we are not allowed out of the pension with exception to email today. We have another doctors appt. for elder pedraza. So ya that has been my week.

So I have gotten 3 packages; yours, grandma's and the one from sister bessey and the ward and I am in process of writing them back - haven't had too much time with things. The temple was awesome like I said. We didn't do a session cause we were with investigators and I didn't meet the Leavitt's but it was just so awesome and next week I will try to send photos. About transfers I will find out the Sunday before so I think that should be next Sunday. Crazy! time is starting to speed up and this week went by fast! Scripture reading is ok. I am not too far behind, sounds like I will have a ton of time to catch up though. (This is in response to the question I asked Alex in regards to their mission challenge to read the Book of Mormon in the amount of time it took Joseph Smith to translate it. He was reading it in both Spanish & English to surprise President King)

This has just been a crazy hard and stressful week for me. I am tired of just sitting around and babysitting all day but he is my companion right? And this could easily be the reason I am with him because from what the doctor has told me was that he could not have given me better instructions than what I have done to help him and the calmness I have had through it all. So that made me feel cool. It just sucks how I can't teach, meet with my investigators, and I kinda lost a p-day. I guess I am just learning patience right now right? Well I love you all, miss you, and will talk to you next week.


Elder Alex Leavitt

*I think it would be great if all of us could remember Elder Pedraza in our prayers.

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