Monday, October 11, 2010

Alex's 8th letter from Chile 10/11/10

Hola Familia,

This was such a fun and an amazing week. First Samuel straight up asked us how he could start preparing for his mission. We told him to keep praying, studying the scriptures, and attend church. We are also getting him a preach my gospel, a bible and a triple combination Book of Mormon. Then on Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Champion. Now the crazy thing about this is the fact that Elder Champion has only been in Chile 1 change more than me. So we are in his sector and between the two of us we have 3 changes under our belts here in Chile. But it was sooo much fun. I love Elder Champion, he is from San Jose and we get along so well. We did so much work, did our best with the Spanish and we found him a new investigator named David. He was working on his car and then we talked to him. He let us in we blessed his home and he was way receptive. Somehow I manage to get new investigators in everyone elses sector but not mine lame. But it was a blast I loved it.

Here in Malloco we are doing a ton of reactivation work. We have two families we are working with but also another family that is split. The Gonzales family we met with them on Sunday and it was awesome. The Hermana we were talking to just started asking all of these questions about baptism. Then we were like "Hermana are you wanting to be baptized?" She was like "ya I think I do." It was awesome! But there is one big problem. Here in Chile no one gets divorces and actually for a long time in Chile it was illegal to get a divorce. So everyone is just co-living. But they have just got word the husband can get a divorce so in about 2 months she will be able to be baptized. It was just so cool she said she wants to be baptized and sealed in the temple with her family. The husband has been a life long member just inactive, and their middle son is baptized and the oldest who is 16 is not baptized so we are working with him right now to be baptized so in about two months he can baptize his mom =) I am excited about it. Weird side note, one of the in-actives was really excited to hear I was from California just happy I was not from the (fabrica) of Utah - made me laugh.

So as you know I am in the campo. Most of the people all live in one little area and that is usually where we focus our work. But the other day I talked Elder You into going on a sweet campo adventure with me because in reality our sector is huge! So we were walking through dirt paths, fields, farms, and all sorts of stuff it was soo awesome! It was beautiful. We met this lady who hates technology and has nothing that doesn't come out of the ground. We met this other lady who said in the 16 years she has lived there she has never seen missionaries out where we were which was really cool to hear. It was awesome. Next time we go out there I am totally taking pictures cause it was awesome! The people out there were way receptive and we have three new people we are gonna start teaching. We have three appointments for this week. I am stoked. Only problem is to our furthest one away its an hours walk haha. Totally worth it though!

Just a couple of random funny/cool stories really quick. There is a family in our ward who has this little girl that doesn't talk, does not socialize with anyone except her parents, and when she does talk to her parents its always a secret she whispers in their ear what she wants to say. But she is just the cutest thing and I could help myself but try and play with her when we were over at their house. About 20 mins later her parents come into the room and there she is playing with me and talking with me. Her parents could not believe it. It was pretty dang cool. Another cool thing is that now we wake up at 7:30 and go to bed at 11:30. The Chileans love their sleep and so no one here wakes up until like 1 anyway and they all go to bed so late. So now I am almost on my college schedule. Go to bed late and wake up late haha. Well to me 7:30 is still early but way better than the 6:30 in the MTC.

To answer your questions now. When I played soccer with the flaites I was not wearing my suit coat but I was wearing a white shirt, tie, dress pants and my dress shoes. It was awesome. We have been back to the Dinosos once since the whole getting yelled at but we do not go out of our way to go over there no. The Book of Mormon challenge is great. I am in second Nephi 9 and highlighting a ton. Christ is talking a lot and yes I think I am still ahead.

Well I am loving the mission. I am having fun just like my patriarchal blessing says ( make your mission fun and interesting) and that is exactly what I am doing. One thing that bugs me most is when I see missionaries who think since they are out here they can no longer joke, laugh and have fun. Obviously joke and what not to an extent, but still have fun you know? I don't know it could just be me but if I was an investigator I would like to see missionaries who are smiling, laughing, and enjoying what they are doing. I love you guys and I will talk to you next week.

Con mucho Amor,
Elder Leavitt

P.S. thank Sarah for all her cards I love them. She is a saint in my eyes and I am still looking for post cards. Not too many out here in the campo.

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