Monday, October 4, 2010

Alex's 7th letter from Chile 10/4/2010

Hola Familia!

So basically who doesn't love conference right? I don't know if it was because I am in the mission field or what but I honestly have never gotten more out of conference than I did with this one. Just crazy I loved it. I was able to watch all the sessions and it was in English so big bonus. Samuel came to Saturday afternoon session priesthood and both Sunday sessions and loved it. Best part of the whole Samuel thing, we talked to him last week and he is talking and asking all these questions as if he wants to go on a mission! I think that would be soo cool if he ended up going on a mission.

About the non-member family, we went by once this week to see if we could catch them at home but they were not there, so we will just go by again this week.

It really hasn't been that cold here although today I have yet to see the sun, so today it was a little cold. It is so funny though because when the sun is out and it is an overall nice day all the Chileans still complain about how cold it is haha. It hasn't rained hard enough for me to use my umbrella. I have used the coat but when it actually rain rains I guess the streets just turn into rivers so I am pretty excited for that.

An hermana for lunch wanted to try making something American for us. We come over and there is one of the biggest pizzas I have ever seen! It was huge and delicious. She said she will make it again for Elder You's goodbye party in November. Another quick thing about food. So I have really only talked about how delicious the food is here and how much of it I get. Well I finally came across something where I almost threw up while eating it. It is called "Mote Con Huesillo." It is this drink where they put what looks like rotten peaches in some juice and let it sit there so the flavor soaks in. Also there are like giant pieces of rice type things in there. Now that would be all fine and dandy, the juice is actually really good, but they flippin eat these rotten peaches! Oh so nasty but I have downed it all three times I have had it. Just soo gross to me.

So we had changes last week and we now have 3 elders in our zone that finish their missions this change. I personally think that is crazy.

Ok, now for some cool stories. So last Wednesday during studying our house got knocked. We go out and there are two Jehovah Witnesses. I was pumped (my first encounter in the field). We walk up and first thing they say is, "We see you are Mormons", we responded "We see you are testigos de jehova." So we started talking. All they wanted to do was talk about the name of God. Long story short, two Jehovah Witnesses left with Book of Mormons and one of them wants to talk to us again haha.

Spanish is coming along great. I am starting to understand a lot better now. If they talk slow enough to me I can understand them and have conversations. When there is a group and they are talking fast I don't catch all the details but I have at least an understanding of what they are talking about. So I am not completely lost anymore. Now this is what I really wanted to tell you about. So I have really started to maximize my study time. Which if you know me is a big deal. I am the worst studier ever, but I have gotten really good. I can focus a lot more and each day my ability to stay focused is becoming longer and longer. Which is why my Spanish is starting to improve faster I know it. But what I am really excited for is last Thursday President King challenged the mission to read the Book of Mormon in 84 days so we finish on Joseph Smith's birthday and the same amount of time he translated the book. Along with reading it, we are to mark all the names of Christ, all the words of Christ when is talking, all the attributes of Christ and all the doctrines of Christ. The office sent me an English Book of Mormon thinking I wouldn't be able to fully catch everything. But I am doing it in English and Spanish and actually ahead of where we are suppose to be! I know me doing it in Spanish will help me and bless me and I am so excited about it. Next week if you want when I have more time I will tell you more about how I study and how I have really organized everything. I am sure you would be proud of me.

I love you and miss you all. One theme I caught in Conference was really focusing on the Youth in the Church, how parents really need to teach them, talk to them, and be examples for them. Another theme was gratitude, so I would like thank you mom and dad for everything you have done for me and for all of your kids. I am sure all of them would agree with me you have done an amazing job, and we could not have asked for better parents. Just look, 2 returned missionaries, 1 missionary, and 4 temple marriages. Parents down here are amazed by your parenting without even knowing you. They always ask how many siblings I have. I say six and they are like "Wow that is a lot. How many of them are still active?" I say all of them and that they are married in the temple. They can't believe it. And when you think about it with all the garbage in the world right now it is a modern day miracle. But I know it is because of you guys and the examples you have set for us. I would like to thank you for always being there for me and not giving up on me through all the nonsense I gave you in high school and for last year and what we went through. I love you so much and there is no way in this life I could ever repay you for all you have done for me. I pray for you guys every night. I love you Mom and Dad.

Till next week,

Elder Alexander Leavitt

P.s. at some point I will need new sneakers, they are starting to fall apart, also if I could get a football that would be amazing :) So on sunday guess what I found? I reach into my pocket and pull out a 50 dollar bill! I was super excited and then realized I am in Chile and there is no way I can use it here haha.

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