Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alex's Second Letter from the MTC

Hey Everyone!

Well it is my second email time for the week, dang I am lucky because we do about 30-45 minutes of service on our p-day we get 2 hours of personal time where we can email and do whatever on a another day as well. Well to answer some of your questions I only have 30 minutes of email time but I get to email twice a week so I get an hour in total. The MTC choir is non existent when I am here at the MTC. They are doing construction and what not so there is no choir. I ran into my mission presidents sons a couple times so it was cool to hear about them from him. Oh and do your letters through dear elder cause I get them the next day and I feel cool when I get like 2-3 letters a day from everyone. Ok so coolest thing happened yesterday night, so my companion elder nielson is sick and he asked me to give him a blessing.. it was the first one I have ever given to someone and it is so crazy how powerful the spirit can be. I was amazingly nervous and sometimes there were some pauses but I never could have imagined me being able to say what I said. It was an amazing feeling. I went to bed afterwards and I was just laying there thinking, and like the power and authority I have and used to give Elder Nielson his blessing is the exact same power and authority Christ used to create the earth, same power Moses used to part the red sea. It is just amazing to think about. It has been really cool to get letters from Brandon and Ben and if you could could you send these sections to them.

Hey Brandon! thanks for the letter, and I am sorry I didn't really write you when you were on your mission haha, and thanks for sending me your dear john letter it made me laugh. You don't need to worry about me wasting away my mission. I know why I am out here and I am doing everything I can to not get distracted.. I love this work and I know I am out here for the right reasons. I know exactly what you mean about the missionaries out here who are just pretending I can see it already. I have been working so hard to be able to be worthy enough to have the holy ghost as my constant companion and that I can be able to teach through him. I forget who said it but I read somewhere that without the spirit you cannot teach and you should not teach. So that is the main thing I am working towards. Brandon I love you and I will talk to you later your younger taller brother Elder Leavitt

Hey Ben!! GO CHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't remember if it was you or Brandon who said Chile sucks but doesn't matter haha (he's talking about their soccer team & I told him in a letter they had advanced in the World Cup) hey thanks for writing me it was really cool to get a letter from you. Yes I have found the box with the ice cream in it haha and the chocolate milk is addicting. I think my goal is to gain about ten or so pounds when I am in here, find some kind of tape worm in Chile and loose about 20. I think that would even it out a lil bit. Hey well you need to tell me how Mexico is treating you and everything. So ya the entire first presidency and everything and the quorum of the twelve is here and the MTC is on like crazy lock down and what not. I have been playing Futbol and what not. I am doing ok but there are like 30 people on the field at once so its just mass chaos. Ok well I love you and cant hear from you again soon. love you Elder Leavitt

So funny story haha, last night, ok well first there is an elder jackson who is some huge fat black guy in my zone. Me and elder nielson decided it would be funny if we threw a couple tootsie rolls at him while he was going pee haha. Well we did and he comes running at at us, we scream and run away.. he was chasing us around our residence halls and everything and it was soo funny. We would stop peek around a corner and he would be barreling down the hall at us like some crazy guy. Then we thought he gave up or something and so we go into our room and we thought everything was good. Then I look and I see one of my roommates with a camera and I knew something was up. I was like he is totally in the closet. So I swing open the closet and sure enough some huge black bear of a man comes flying out. It was so scary but hilarious at the same time haha. I gave him a big hug told him he was awesome and that was that.. I love my zone, I love my teachers, I love everything about the MTC. I am having the spiritual experience of a lifetime. I know the church is true and that I am ordained of God. I am a representative of the Lord and I am here to do his will. He has done everything for me and the least I can do is to give him two years of my life. I love all of you guys and I will talk to you later peace out!
Elder Leavitt

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