Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alex's First Letter from the MTC

You will have to excuse Alex's grammar and lack of punctuation. It sounds like he was in a hurry and the computers are on a timer. If you don't push send by the time limit your email won't go. We are thrilled to have it nonetheless :)

Hey Everyone!!! The MTC is awesome!! so first things first i am guessing you want to know who my comapanion is.. his name is Jordan Nielson.. he is from St.. George utah.. i have already asked if he knows the Crowleys but no he doesnt. the Provo temple will re open in july so i will be able to go there.. but i dont know if i will be too excited cause i guess now we just get like 2 exrtra hours to just chill which has been really nice.. it is so crazy i have only been here like basically a week and i feel like i have been here for like ever. one thing i guess that is really cool is the i guess my zone does some service this so we get an extra hour and a half on thursdays for P Days so i get to email twice a week!! my roomates are awesome elder braddy is from north carolina and came straight from highschool like he graduated maybve like 2 weeks ago, and elder higgs who is from no mname town in utah and he is a lil of a goof but he is funny. me and my companion get along way nicely and i have possibly the best district ever there is not a single person i dont like and i am becoming way good friends with all of them.. my branch president is way awesome.. our branch presidents wont shake hands with us at all though.. they only give hugs which i personally think is awesome.. one of my teachers are from chile conception and he is one of the funniest guys i have met.. i dont have much time to write cause i somehow lost 10 minutes of my email time cause i accidently exited my email and it took that time off.. so i am trying to rush.. so all the new mission presidents come in tomorrow and the entire first presidency of the church and quorum of the 12 are all going to be here this entire week!!!!! and they are giving them free range to go anyone where in the MTC and will just be wandering the MTC the entire week i am kinda freaking out.. something really cool though is me and my roommates volunteered and were chosen to prepare the sacrement next sunday so good chance i will be able to meet some of them then.. i am really having a cool experience here.. i was thinking alot about you guys on fathers day and i miss you all a ton.. but it has been super cool everytime i open the scriptures here it opens to the excact scripture i needed to hear. I have run into some of my buddies since i have been here coolest one though was i ran into ryan Snow a couple times i know you guys have never met him but he was in the elders quorum with me up in utah.. the spirit here in the MTC is amazing, i have probably never prayed this much in my life and and it is awesome i cant even tell you how much the spirit has been here we had a fireside the other day and it was all about remembering.. they talked about remember your name on your badge how your family has sacraficed for you to be here and how they have made you the man you are and it is so true i owe everything for you guys and i am so thankful for it.. also it talked about the lords name being there and how we need to remember we are his representatives and how we need to remember everything he has done for us i love this church so so much and i know i am doing the right thing thing.. as it says in 2 nephi 33 dont remember the verse but it says "as the lord hath commanded me and i will obey amen.." i am glad i am doing that which the lord hath commanded me and i will be the best missionary i can.. i love you all and miss you all.. Your missionary Elder Alexander Leavitt

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