Monday, April 25, 2011

Alex's 36th email from Chile 4/25/11

The weather is changing. I had to smile when I saw he  was wearing his gloves. This is the boy who told me he didn't need to take any gloves with him :)

Hola Familia!!!

This week was awesome. Monday we had a sweet Noche de Hogar with Alan and Hermana Jessica. We made some french toast which they had never had and they loved it!  They ate soo much.  I brought some peanut butter which they had not tried either and they fell in love. I ended up giving it and they finished the whole container in two days!  We watched the new Joseph Smith movie with them and they loved it. 
 Elder Leavitt & Elder Sellers making french toast.

Basically this week was a blur for me. It went by so fast it is hard to remember what happened.  I keep getting all the days mushed together in my head. One day it just rained like crazy.  We are definitely in fall now.  So I brushed off my rain coat which I had not yet used yet and it worked to perfection. So something interesting about Chile ya. They hate waking up in the morning.  For that I am positive.  We wake up at 7:00 in the morning compared to the 6:30 for other missions. On normal sunny days people don't wake up until like 11 or 12.  Well apparently when it rains it is even worse.  We got to our lunch appointment at 1:30 and no one answered.  We were confused cause we had talked to them the day before and they knew we were coming.  So we called them and they still didn't pick up.  Finally after like 20 mins one of the sons answers the door. THEY WERE ALL STILL SLEEPING!!  That is just ridiculous to me that the whole family; kids and parents included were all asleep.  Well about an hour later we got our lunch haha but it was just a sign of things to come.  We ended up walking alot that day cause no one wanted to come outside to answer the door.  
Alex wearing his raincoat for the first time.

Something cool that I should take a picture of sometime that I think is cool is here in Chile you will find a ton of street performers. Jugglers, dancers just anything. I think its the coolest thing. But ya back to my week.  We met a lot with Diego he is progressing a lot he is awesome. He is a chef and said he wants to cook some Peruvian food for me.  I do like Peruvian food.
Elder Leavitt & Elder Sellers eating lunch at the church after their Sunday meetings.

But Sunday was super cool.  So this Tuesday is changes and surprise! I have changes.  I am pretty excited about it.  But Sunday we had that cool sacrament meeting.  He called up all of the ex missionaries up to share their testimony and some experiences from their missions. I think there were a lot more than he was expecting cause we ran out of time and so me and elder sellers didn't talk but that was fine.  It was cool and perfect timing because we had Nacho there who is 19 inactive but we have been talking to him about serving a mission.  After we had lunch.  Oh in the streets there were a lot of parades of congregations from other churches for Easter and what not but besides that it really wasn't all that eventful. But we went to Nacho's house to talk to him about mission stuff and we ended up having a pretty awesome conversation with his mom.  It came up that I very likely could be leaving so she takes this vase dust it off and gives it to me as a reminder of them and Chile.  It is of the same material of that bowl I sent you guys and famous down here it is soo legit I love it.  Only problem is is that I have no idea how I am going to transport this sucker cause it is kinda big.  But I was blown away cause these things are not cheap and she just gives it to me.  She is really sad I am leaving though.  I have been working a lot with their family. After we went over to Paul's and took him to the chapel where he had his baptismal interview where he passed!  And then asked me to baptize him.  Unfortunately I will not be here so Elder Sellers will. I am just happy that he is being baptized.  He is a super good kid that just wants to do what is right.  He will be awesome I know it. 
That is a lot of Coke!!!
Our other son's went to Mexico on their missions and they drank a lot of Coke there also.

Then when I got the call last night that I had changes I called Alan and his mom picked up. I told her I had changes and that I would be coming by today to say goodbye and asked if she could have Samantha there too.  She said she could but then started crying on the phone it was soo sad.  I love that family.  They are truly a modern day miracle.  They are fantastic.  I will miss them so much.

To answer your questions there really was nothing special or different about Easter here only the parades of Evangelicos and the Catholics did a reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus which I thought was a little weird. In Malloco we really only yelled or alloed haha.  Here we do both but we do do a lot of actually knocking on the door as well.  I did get that copy of my setting apart thanks a lot it was legit to read it again. Hey can you send me the Kooyman's address I would love to write them a little note.  I love that family.  I miss those guys haha.  I still think she easily could be the best girlfriend I have ever had. (Olivia Kooyman is 4 yrs. old and that is who Alex is referring to as his best girlfriend).

Well family I love you and I will talk to you all next week!

        Elder Alex Leavitt

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