Monday, April 11, 2011

Alex's 34th email from Chile 4/11/11

A view of the Andes Mountains from Alex's apartment.
Hola Familia!!

Well this week has been a blast and I have had a lot of things happen this week  I love the mission :) 
First! I was kissed by a drunk guy again....on the neck. I don't even use spray or anything just stick I don't know why they feel the need to kiss me so much. 
This week we found this guy named Daniel.  He is 74 his wife died about a year ago and has no kids.  He is super lonely. We were able to teach him three times last week and like I said we found him last week.  He is super awesome, it is just going to be super slow teaching him and I am sure he will progress slower too. He is super Catholic and has those belief and traditions but he is progressing. We are really focusing on the Plan of Salvation and how he can live with his wife again after this life if he is obedient to the commandments that God has given us. So that is Daniel. 
Also we found another new!  His name is Diego Alveres and is his sooooo legit.  I am super excited about him.  Like I said we have been really working on reactivation here in Lo Ovalle.  So we saw there was a Family Alveres who were not active and hunted them down. Well turns out her husband is not a member and has been super interested in taking the lessons!!  This guy is Golden!!  He is soo awesome he is always just super into our lessons has all of these awesome questions.  It's weird to explain but when we teach him it is just easy.  Just easy he gets it all gets how it all links together.  I just love him.  He couldn't come to church this week because he is Peruvian, and Peru had their presidential elections this past Sunday and the polls were open only during church well at least here in Chile. But he said next Sunday si o si or yes or yes.  I love the Guy.  Weirdly though he said I have a Portuguese accent when I talk.  So now I am confused before I was Russian and now Portuguese.  I personally think I still sound Gringo. 

This week did have a big downside though. I got super sick on Wednesday.  That whole night I was vomiting (from both ends) like crazy.  It was terrible I probably didn't get more than like an hours sleep.  So Thursday I was just out of commission. But I slept a lot and have been progressing.  But I am good now so that's all that matters :)  Then Saturday night it rained like crazy but was done before morning but it was just crazy overcast all day and colder which was ok with me because of how hot it has been.  But now Monday its back to normal sun out not a single cloud in the sky. 
"Chilean Sunrise" another view from Alex's apartment. 
Sunday Paul couldn't have his baptismal interview because his dad was sick and had to take care of him.  So his baptism is being pushed back another week :( makes me sad.  So now it should be on the 24 of April.  Awesome News!! Jessica officially on Sunday has not smoked for a week and participated in the Sacrament.  She was very excited and has said she really only had one day where she wanted to smoke :)  That family is amazing.  
Today we had a little zone activity in the chapel and played various games and activities. 
(Check out the video below of part of the zone activity the Elder's had today.  They refer to Alex as "LeBron James."  That would be LeBron James of the cheese puff game - at least it looks like cheese puffs to us)

We have interviews with President King every other change. Elder Sellers didn't confirm Samantha the bishop did. I got your package mom last week thank you for the chocolate.  I haven't barely touched it cause of being sick but no worries, now that I am all better it wont last long. We have not been able to catch Maximus in House which makes me sad but he and his wife just have a super crazy schedule its hard too.  I heard Winter should be kicking in here full force in about another month or so.

Well that was my week as best as I can remember.  Hey one thing, we haven't been given times or anything to be able to plan anything but we need to start figuring stuff out for the Skype call coming up for mothers day :) so just let me know or keep that in mind. I love you all I pray for you guys every night :)

Con Mucho Amor y Cariño,

                                         Elder Alexander Thomas Leavitt

I totally forgot an awesome story!! So we were at Alan's house and Hermana Jessica was like "I want a man."  I totally just started laughing.  She was like "what!" I said "nothing just make sure he is a member hermana".  She asked where she could find one.  Then I was like "hey I swear there is like some LDS singles site you could sign up on."  So one day we made Hermana Jessica an LDS singles profile it was so funny. While she was making it she was like a giddy little school girl.  It was the funniest thing ever.

Also since this is a short thing here are some injuries and other random photos I haven't shown you guys :)

The guy in the Colo-Colo jersey was a drunk in our apartment building who is a fanatic of Colo-Colo and got super excited when he saw a gringo was repping his team and insisted on taking a picture with me.

Full moon shot

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