Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alex Got His Mission Call - Yay!!!!

Alex received his mission on Wednesday Feb. 24, 2010. We are so excited for him. He will be serving in the Chile Santiago West Mission. He reports to the Provo Missionary Training Center on June 16th, 2010.

We knew he should be getting his call either this week or the next. Alycia had called me that afternoon to tell me that a lady in her class was a little antsy to get home and check her mailbox for her son's mission call. She told Alycia that they knew they were mailed on Tuesday mornings and that if you live in Salt Lake City you get the call the next day. Alycia told her that her brother had his papers submitted and that meant that he too could possibly have his as well. Alycia was very excited and told me that she was going to check Alex's mailbox once she got back to her place. She called me back and said there was no mail in the box so maybe the mailman hadn't come yet or maybe a room mate had taken it in. A little while later his room mates came in and gave Alycia the envelope. It had come and she was sooooo excited!! I got a phone call and several text messages from her telling me how it was killing her and how she just wanted to open it! :)

Alex called me shortly after that to tell me that Alycia had called him to tell him his call was there. There were some close friends he wanted to have there and he arranged to open it that evening. The wait was killing me and Alycia!! I had to keep myself busy so I wouldn't think of it. I don't know how Alex could handle the anticipation and wait like that :) I do know he was going a little crazy with apprehension and wondering where he will be living the next two years.

We were able to skype while Alex opened his call. We could see and hear him but unfortunately he couldn't see and hear us so he had to talk to us on the phone. It was wonderful that Alycia & Trevor, some of his closest friends at the U and Molly & Mahonry were able to be there. Molly & Mahonry Sanchez are some very dear friends of ours from San Diego that have moved back to Utah. They are like family to us and Alex & Mahonry have a special bond :) Alycia was sooooo excited that she got a really good video but forgot to get pictures! I love what she says in the video :)

It was so wonderful to watch the anticipation on Alex's face, the smile and surprise and maybe even a little shock. It was almost as good as being there except I couldn't give him a big hug & kiss. We are very proud of him and very excited for him. I know without a doubt that Alex will be an amazing missionary. He will work hard, he will be obedient and he will have an impact on those he comes in contact with. We are also excited that he will speak Spanish like his two older brothers.

Here is a map of Alex's mission boundaries:

Here are the two video's taken of Alex opening his mission call. I may try to add another one that Mahonry took on his phone.

For Alycia's video click here

For Marie's video click here


  1. Thank you Alycia for finding a cute font and making the header for this blog. I'm excited to keep this updated as Alex prepares for his mission and then is gone on his mission. It will be a great way to keep all of his family and friends up-to-date on what's happening with him during his mission in Chile.

  2. AWWWW Alex is going to love this when he comes home and sees it i really like this. This was a really cute idea <3 mom :)
    -Sarah L